The change my in business aged 40-50

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 I have been in business for some 25 years plus I have been succesful and created assets I AM HAPPY WITH BUT OF COARSE NOT SATISFIED. Some business's were startup's some I bought going concerns and I have always had property to rent and create a passive income. I am choosing this subject to write about because in some way I may be able to help others in a similar position as I have been in.

The lack of Re Investment in me !!

1) The moment I realised that the business was running me

My business had been going some 10 years and was making good profit. Turnover had increased by 300% and the profit had followed on with the same growth. However I had forgot to Re Invest in me . as in my last article I explained how I stopped setting goals and reading and studying other successful people. This was a big mistake because I essentially wasn't planning, I had lost my way and lost my strategy. The business started to run me, I had a job turning up every day working 12 hours and I was on a hamster wheel. 

2) The effects of the business running me 

The effect of the business running me was I was gradually getting tired. When you are tired doing anything in life you lose efficiency. This in turn caused me to start to lose my passion for what I was doing. However this was so slight it was happening slowly day in day out it was creeping up on me and I hadn't realised. In fact I only realised this had happened when I read "The Slight Edge " by Jeff Olson. Some time after I had closed this particular business.

3) Change can cause fear 

When we are running a business we have to change course, sometimes this may be changing staff, or cutting and re shaping overheads. This can cause fearI know when I had to change direction or address staff issues that it caused me to be a little anxious. I found the best remedy was to keep thinking and visualising the issue and my intuition would take over and I would know what to do . BUT this sometimes caused me fear. It was the same feeling as when I started the fear of failure. However you must take action otherwise you and your business will suffer.

I had to close my mainstream traditional business at age 58, this was the most traumatic event in my life I had worked at it for 15 years !! The main question I asked myself at that time was:   "what I am going to do at my age " I didn't want to sink lots of capital into another business, however I knew the internet was growing and I wanted to engage with it. I also was aware of scams and so called get rich quick schemes . My next concern was I am not good with computors and this was a big concern for me. On top of all this I had no income stream and needed to make sure I had income for retirement.

 I have now started my internet business ! the opportunities are huge and I don't have to commute any more I can work from home or anywhere that has an internet connection so exciting. If you ARE NOT interested in looking at what I did then please DO NOT click the link below:

I will be posting further blogs to follow on with this information to look at where we go from the questions posed today. Blogging is my new passion, I have fun coupled with happiness and fulfilment.  

I want to thank you for reading my blog, would you please share like and comment. 

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