The Foundations of Your Inner Self

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I just want to share with you a few tricks about positive mentality in life. But before I start, I want to tell you a bit about myself and how I come to be the person today. If you know me personally, you won’t believe me if I were to tell you that I was an introvert type of person who was very reserved in showing my thoughts or even do basic conversations. Which is somewhat contradicting to my current character in which people now say that I have this humorous and entertaining persona. However this wasn’t a bad thing to have before, this weakness was the gateway for me to become a better person of today. This weakness allowed me to appreciate my inner self and fully grasp my strengths and weaknesses. And if we ever apply this psychologically in mental growth, one must evaluate their core strengths and weaknesses first. People might not fully understand or even undermine the fact that psychology plays an important role in our lives; in both short and long terms. For me and my takes in life, this made a big difference to me for taking an interest in understanding the foundations of psychology through real-world application. From a very young age even up to this day, I consistently nurture my mind psychologically, mentally and spiritually to form a better me than yesterday. It isn’t a drastic change in a short time span but a progressional improvement especially on identified flaws

My affinity in psychology all started here from evaluating myself’s strengths and weaknesses and questioned myself if I can ever do this or that. You see, the fundamentals of psychology always start from understanding our own selves. It may not sound hard but it is a considered a big challenge for all of us. If we fail to understand these 2 things that make us, we simply cannot progress and get stuck until we figure this out. The hard truth about it is that this is an inner struggle that nobody else can fix but you, no matter how much help or advice is given unless you take action, nothing is going to change. Now generally, it is a struggle to accept the hard truths of criticisms about our self. We always have this notion that we know ourselves best but only to be shut down by the reality of our failures.

Enough talk about me and let’s move on what you can get from reading this blog of mine. You see, our very own mind is our WORST ENEMY. It will get the best of YOU if you don’t have the courage to challenge yourself.



Fear is a very hard problem to overcome. Now ask yourself this; what do I fear? Pause here for a second and think about it… In the past 5 years, what have you done to your fear/s? You see, fear is like a plant, the more you nurture it the bigger and stronger it becomes. Now, what if you are met in a situation where you have to do something you fear on spot. Maybe a situation of life and death where you have to jump into the water from a certain height. It is certain that you will think through this more than 5 times, enough to actually cost you your life in some situations where time is limited.

Now how do you overcome fear? Is it by doing or accepting the things you fear over and over again until you get over it? Well doing it over and over again is actually not a wrong answer, however, KNOWLEDGE is the more effective way alongside with the exposure. Wait wait wait, what do you mean by knowledge as the more effective way? You see, fear is developed from two things and these are ignorance and trauma. Let me give an example, let’s say you have an arachnophobia (fear of spiders). If I were to bind your hand on a table where there is a tarantula crawling towards your hand, how will you react? I am sure you will scream your head off from shouting. You see, if you know how tarantulas behave, taking into consideration their diet, capabilities and traits, then I 110% assure you that the tarantula will not bite you. Tarantulas are docile beings, it is your ignorance that creates your fear which came from lack of knowledge! I am not saying that you should handle all kinds of spiders because that will actually cause harm to you since some are venomous. All you have to do is not to be ignorant and know which ones are harmful and not, especially in situations when one is on top of your body. It can be deadly if you panic and try to whack it with your hands than calmly and carefully handle it with your hands to relocate it. So why is KNOWLEDGE the key for FEAR? FEAR is a product of lack of KNOWLEDGE, we can see this happen in multiple simple cases in life. For example, if I were to tell you to put your hand in a box where you don’t know what’s inside, then it is natural that you will create fear and hesitate. If you were to know that there is a venomous snake inside, then it is natural that you will not put your hand inside, because you know the dangers and it is stupid to do so. Now here is where the dilemma normally occurs, in our normal day-to-day lives, fear is created when we don’t know results of our interactions, this can be from public speaking, taking a test, or being judged etc. Remember, fear is created when we fail to know what’s beyond our actions. Now, things normally go to the opposite turn when you have a pre-knowledge of the results, especially when you are confident in your actions to get positive results. 

In short, all I want you to remember is to analyse your weaknesses and challenge yourself to be better or not be ignorant. The fewer fears you have the fewer worries you think. Take hurdles in life with open arms as these are challenges for you to overcome in order for you to become a stronger and better person. Living in positivity is only controlled by a single switch and that is the current state of your mind. Always remember to think smart! 

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