The Odds Between Taking Risks And Never Taking Chances

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In life, it is pretty clear that the odds between taking risks and never taking chances are exclusively yours to make as you possess free choice. Since the day you are born, you take calculated risks. And yet, when looking back, you wish you had been bolder, and regrets may even come to mind.

You often knew what you wanted to do, but you still did not do it. For what reasons have you not believed in yourself more? Why have you not taken more chances in your life?

One of the reasons is that human nature by definition is always in quest for safety first. We primarily are sedentary beings, and most of us are afraid of exposing our vulnerabilities. We often prefer what has easier, more relaxing and less scary probabilities.

On the other hand, some people do not feel like settling down or wanting to act like everyone else. They rather take a chance into the unknown, make a change, and speak up for what they believe in.

But know that every decision you make has room for risk. Every chance you seize, any attempt you make, or any risk you take is never going to be a sure thing. Therefore, both ways, taking risks or never taking chances could lead to a possible failure. Each day of your life, you take the risk, without even knowing it.

The possibility of not succeeding or not making it is always there, no matter what you do in your life, relationship, work or other. Life is about taking risks and chances, even if at times you want to avoid some of them. Your life depends on the choices you make, right or wrong.

But you should understand that risks are often necessary elements for you to grow and progress.
People have the tendency to focus more on what could go wrong, have to sacrifice or even lose than what could go right. They underestimate the odds of it working out in their favor which is often far better.

So how do you conquer your tendency to play it safe and find which risks should you be taking?

Taking a Risk into the Unknown

Taking an unknown road is often a significant risk and scary thing to do. Surely when you have not yet walked such path and the only things leading you are your abilities, logic, intelligence, perseverance, and intuition to be able to reach your destination.

You begin to think that you might get lost, stuck somewhere in the middle of it all, fall into a trap or get into a dead end. You start to wonder; you begin to exaggerate the consequences of what might happen if it all goes wrong. You create a melodramatic scenario in your mind rather than assuming the best of you may have a chance to succeed.

It is normal, your brain is wired to amplify how bad things could be if your plans do not work out, and in doing so, you fail to realize your ability to be able to go further. Taking a risk on an unknown or less traveled road has more rewards than you could ever imagine.

“Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are, not the way they are” – Jim Rohn

Daring to Ask

You often do not dare to ask because you hate being rejected. No one likes to be rejected, but you have to overcome this ego of yours. If you do not ask, then you will never have an answer. When you do not ask, it is a ‘No’ one way or the other, but if you take the chance and ask, there is always the probability of receiving a ‘Yes.'

You will always meet people who will refuse or even pay no attention but do not underestimate your ability to handle the possibilities.

Do not buy into self-doubt because doubts kill more dreams than fear ever did. Do not let uncertainty get the better of you since you do have what it takes to succeed. Stop questioning and take on new challenges, pursue risking opportunities so that you can build sufficient belief in yourself and in your ability to overcome the challenges thrown at you.

Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of the process if you want to succeed in life. It is how you learn, grow and progress. If you do not take risks and make mistakes, then you are not trying to take chances. In other words, you are not living your full potential.

Start looking for what is right and stop looking for what is wrong. Watch and enjoy this amazing video about taking risks by the great and easy-to-listen-to Jim Rohn. You won’t regret it!

You cannot always make the smartest or the brightest choice, but if you do not put yourself on the line and take a chance, you will never know what may have happened. How often do you fail to judge your capacity for taking risks indeed?

Failing as a Stepping Stone

You have to understand that when you do not fail, you do not succeed. Failing is one of the great things that can happen to you. When you take a risk and fail, you learn from it, and you figure out another way of succeeding.

No one said it feels good! But do not allow your emotions to get in the way. Taking risks is required to reach any achievement. And do not ignore the cost of inaction after a failure. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that your situation will somehow get better over time if you do not do anything. You have to step up and try again!

You should not play it safe but rather put yourself at risk again, even if failing might be the case once more. Standing there after a failure will not make things better; it will only make them worse over time.

Going All In

There are moments in life when you do things the right way and where you have to decide whether or not you want to go all in and take a bigger risk. My advice to you is to take greater chances early in life.

There is always a chance that you will miss, but on the other hand, you may also win. Isn't that something that you would like to know and not live with regrets for the rest of your life? You just have to believe that you are good enough to succeed.

Taking risks and trying is important because it gives you the opportunity to know how much more work you need to put in before you can succeed. But you will never know until you go all in.

Putting Yourself Out There

No one likes being judged or being taken for a novice. Regardless of what you think, it is what people do. We all judge others somehow and are being judged no matter what we do.

Go ahead and put yourself out there by taking a chance others did not want to make and be judged. So what? Understand that most of their opinions do not have significance anyway.

Remember that your real friends will support you and your dreams no matter what. They understand that you have to take some distance and get away for a while to create your dreams. They will respect that even if you do not see each other as much as you used to.

To conclude, think about what would you do if you were to take more risks? You have to realize that inaction will cost you one year from now if you do nothing. Are you afraid of failing? Do not underestimate yourself by holding you back from taking chances that would serve you in life and business.

The answers you will get will direct you to a brighter and happier future that only you can create when you make the decision to take stronger actions through braver risks. Earl Shoaff said, “Poor thinking habits keep most people poor.

You should indeed fear regret more than failure as fortune favors the bold. Positive outcomes and rewards are challenging things to gather, but the odds will be in your favor only if you are daring enough to take risks rather than never taking chances.


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