The Power Of The Warrior Mindset

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There is nothing more effective than the power of knowing the warrior inside of you. Everyone has such a mindset in them but very few understand how to access it. For the majority of their life, most people are usually going along, in an unconscious state, without paying real attention to oneself.

Those people do not even realize or know that there is a separation between the self and their mind. They believe that what their mind says is true, but the truth is that they are conditioned. They don’t understand that on a conscious level they have a choice to live in the present moment versus living by programming of the past.

Everybody has a warrior mode buried inside them, you have one. It is the one which takes action and can never be stopped. It is the one who does it no matter what is on front of him. A lot of people do not recognize it or think they do not have it inside them. But yes, you do!

Many times during the day, in a situation or another, this warrior comes out.

But how can you be able to access this power at will?

Understand that is not necessary to live in your warrior mindset every moment of the day. There is a balance you must have but you also want to be able to access it at any time. And this balance comes in a form of a ‘wizard’ mode as to compensate for your ‘warrior’ mode.

The Wizard Mode

But what is a ‘wizard’ mode? It is the way of manifesting and creating your life by using the universal and natural laws, and by being in alignment with them, but also by manifesting with elegance and grace.

The inner warrior may say: “Whatever the hell goes, it’s done. I don’t care what has to happen, it’s done.” Such a mode is all about success regardless of anything.

The inner wizard might say: “Let’s do it with elegance and grace”. This is all about staying calm, peaceful and centered regardless of anything.

When you are able to marry the two, you have success associated with calmness and being centered. It is a very nice way to be, right?

Again, we have both of these modes in us. The question is how do we access them and make it become a second nature. As you develop both, you get into the realm of mastery. This is an upper level where all the elements of money, happiness and love are integrated.

You need to learn who you are not and get these bad habits out. You are not unworthy as you might think because you deserve whatever your heart desires.

Wouldn’t you like to be a powerful, yet calm and centered being and really successful in the process? That is most people’s goals, isn’t it?

Everything is Energy

There is a certain energy accompanying you right now and there was another energy of who you were at different moments in the past. But after reading this article, what kind of energy will you be in, or even later on in life?

People are very similar to cars. They live their life with their feet stuck on the gas and on the breaks at the same time. A car needs energy on an ongoing basis and needs maintenance now and then. If you do not put gas in it or take care of it, you won’t go anywhere. And just like us human beings, it is the way it was designed.

We need to keep growing, learning, processing because it the way it has to be, it’s life! You need to continually put energy in and get tuned once in a while as the machine won’t go any further if you do not. And if you want to be free you have to do it, and you may reach success in the process.

You have the ability to get on a mastery level but you need to reach your warrior mindset so as to live your higher and true self. Once you are there, power, peace, happiness as well as success will await you.

You need to access the potential you already got.

The Process of Manifestation

Thoughts lead to your feeling which lead to actions which lead to your results. To succeed in the real world you need to take action.

Thoughts and feelings are part of your inner world and results parts of your outer world, this way making actions create the bridge between the two. So universal principles work in this real world. You can think about success each minute, meditate all you want, visualize forever but to get any results you need to take action.

Since action is so important, what stops you from taking the necessary actions?

Fear, doubt and worry are among our greatest obstacles to succeed and be happy. Fear is a big part of anyone’s life and it is imperative that you understand what fear is. It is anticipation of pain!

It is false evidence that appears real. Anticipation is the future, but is the future reality or imagination? The future, tomorrow, doesn’t exist yet, but it does exist in one place…OUR MIND.

So fear, doubt, worry exist only in your mind!

Your Mind is a Soap Opera

Your mind is the ‘look out’ on a ship and it is constantly scanning for what is wrong or could go wrong…but meanwhile everything is fine. It acts like an over worrying mother always responding with “What if…

This “What if…” is again the future and so it is imagination. Your mind is the greatest soap opera script writer in history. It creates incredible stories and usually, more than not, disastrous dramas of things that never happened and most likely never will.

“I had thousands and thousands of problems in my life, which of most never actually happened” – Mark Twain.

Your mind doesn’t show you reality, it makes up interpretations and stories about what is real, and you tend to buy into those stories as if they were real, and live your life by these stories versus reality.

The secret to freedom is to realize that you do not have to believe your own mind, the chatter it makes or the dramas it quotes you. You have the choice to take action towards your happiness and success through your inner warrior.

You have to tame this cobra, this mind of yours because the biggest mistake you can make is to wait for the fear to go away before acting but know that you will wait forever.

The Warrior Mindset

The key to success is to act in spite of fear. Rich and successful people have also fears, worries and doubts but they do not let these things stop them. On the other hand, unsuccessful people have those same feelings but they let them stop them dead cold in their tracks.

Fear is a part of each human being. So to develop the trade of action in spite of fear, you have to ‘practice’ taking action regardless of all or any obstacles in your way. It is a conditioning process that has to become a habit.

Tell yourself: “Whatever it takes, I will do.”

Here is a Warrior’s saying:

“Do not resist chances. Take them like vitamins. Let go of the breaks. Do not worry about the bumps and the bruises, you can take them. Do not steer around what scares you. Go over, under, around or through. Do something others would be terrified of doing. You will feel your chin rise up from your chest and there will be one less thing you cannot do. So do it!”

Get the warrior’s thinking. Make it your way. You are bigger than any obstacle and know that nothing can take you out. Talk is cheap, so take action. It is not difficult as it may first seem. And do not listen to the rejections of your mind.

The warrior on the battlefield will either succeed or die, because he has no excuses or he’s dead. An average person says “I try and see if it works” but a warrior says “I am going to make it work”. If you are willing to do what is hard, life will be easy but if you are willing to do what is easy, life will be hard.

As soon as you are committed, the universe will assist you. There is nothing that can stop you, only YOU, otherwise the game still on. Be one who conquers one self. You can be loving and be a loving warrior. You can be spiritual and be a spiritual warrior. You can be successful and be a successful warrior. The choice is yours.

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To Your Warrior Mindset!


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