The Power of Value

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Value. If you hear this, what do you think of? Is it the price? Dealing with money? Well, these examples are actually not far off, however, the best way to explain value is how much a person or people are positively affected by whatever it is (e.g. idea, object etc). Value doesn't really have a set parameter, and its positive effect varies from person to person. We can put this in an example of two people buying cars, taking into account their personal preference and situation affecting their value factor. However, if we apply this to people, how does this work? Now can you answer this question if I ask you this? How much do you value? As you read this question, at the back of your head you might be wondering what comprises your value. Is it by how much you earn? The assets you have? The connections you've made? And so on. Thought about some already? I'll tell you this, your value is weighed on how much you affect a person's needs and wants. If you're a CEO in a company and is successful in that position, wouldn't that company value you a lot? How about your contribution to your home? If you were to be gone suddenly, how much will it affect the people in that home? And I am sure not much will invest in a person who hasn't managed a company before to become a CEO of a multi-billion company.


So have you thought about your value? Do you want to increase your value in life? Then hear me out on this one on the next few sentences. You see, if you want to be of great value to many, then there is no other route but to be in a position of greater responsibility. The more responsibility you have for taking good care of the people around you, you naturally attain a value of some degree from those people. Now, are you a leader or a follower? Well, it doesn't matter what you are but it is crucial for you to learn, copy and refine examples from people of great influence, success and leadership above you to be of great value to others. However, if you are a follower, invest in the right tools and mindset for yourself to transition to become a leader.

From learning under SFM I learned this '5 Things Leaders Do On A Daily Basis':

1. Daily Visualisation and Meditation of Your Goals
2. Income Producing Activities
3. Invest In Yourself
4. Don't Know It? Then Learn It! Attitude
5. Learn Today, Do Today, Teach Repeat

Well, to be honest, these 5 things won't really make a big impact on you if you lack the drive and discipline, so make sure you remind yourself and do this daily. Best if you get something and write this somewhere you can see the first and the last thing in the day. However, if you need great motivational mentors and a fantastic progressive community backing you up, then I am sure it will make a big impact on your life. Click HERE if you wish to know more.

If you are confident in your skills for value, then try this challenge. Try to ask a person to participate in an exercise with you, and all you have to do is convince him/her to buy a pen or pencil from you in just one attempt.

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