The way you change your perception of reality starts with a change in attitude.

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Day 2

Attitude of Gratitude from the Heartland 

Last night as I turned out the light I thought about how my day panned out. Unexpectedly, I felt taller yesterday because I remember walking into the kitchen and reaching to the top of the wardrobe shelf with little trouble, I felt happier and I started to see myself in a different light.

I had a great day!

My last thought was 'I wonder if the euphoria of starting something new account for my feelings and it would dissipate over the next few days?'


This morning I woke up feeling energised and while I made breakfast, I revisited my previous experiences of getting into a new mindset or habit, the need for discipline and self-control to commit and follow through for 3 weeks and the time to do it.

My usual morning routine is to look over my newsfeeds and Facebook messages that have come in overnight. This morning my friend in the States wrote about her birthday celebration at the beach with friends and included the link to a video that she had watched earlier in the week.

Yesterday I wrote a little about Tony Robbins because I did buy some of his coaching material many years ago. I remember listening to his advice in the car and again last thing at night- making positive affirmations every morning about who I am and what I have the potential to become. Back then I believed that he knew what he was talking about but I didn’t have much proof in scientific ways to substantiate anything other than it worked for me.


So… getting back to the message from my friend.

I opened the link

and settled down with my morning coffee on my favourite chair by the window. When I tell you what the video is about you might be forgiven if you think that this was a case of ‘déjà vu’.

Within seconds I was completely stunned.

A scientist, about whom I knew nothing, starting to explain how our brains make new ‘circuits’ to create thought patterns when learning new knowledge. More than that he showed real time videos of the brain in action. He stated that research gathered from terminally ill people from around the world had made remarkable recoveries from these diseases using the power of positive visualisation and belief. 

As I listened to his research findings and recount his personal experiences, I thought of my brother who suffered a terrible brain injury several years ago. With the support of doctors, family and unstoppable fortitude on his part, he has successfully ‘rewired’, as he calls it, his neurons and brain to relearn how to do almost everything, some things better than he did before.


Often my brother had tried to explain to me how every day he had to start his journey of bypassing the old ways of thinking and be deliberate in his intentions to be make new pathways of learning just to make breakfast and make a cup of tea. He believed that if he thought through what he wanted to do before he tried then he would have a plan to follow. He visualised his success and kept focus until is was a success.

But there was more from this video talk that intrigued me, Dr Dispenza, a neuro scientist and international speaker and educator, talked about every human being (including me) having the ability to rewire their thoughts and change their attitudes which in turn can heal their bodies. He included visualisation as powerful evidence of ‘mind over matter’.

Is this some scientific proof of what the ‘mindset and positive thinkers’ have been saying these past years? With more research I wonder if the power of visualisation to change my thoughts could impact more greatly the people I meet? I wonder if I apply the attitude of gratitude every day would this make a difference to others not just a personal journey?

Today I am grateful for my family, my parents, brothers and sisters, my husband my children and grandchildren without whose love and support I would not be here today. 


How was your journey yesterday?

What are you grateful for today?

If you would like further information about Dr. Joe Dispenza and the power of visualisation watch this interview with Lewis Howes

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