10 Tips on How to live a fulfilling Life

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10 Tips on How to live a fulfilling Life

How to live a fulfilling Life? What started as a simple question I asked myself, eventually ended up me creating this article to help you find answers to this or a similar question you might be thinking about as well. I would love to share what has helped me along my journey.

Defining what a fulfilling Life means to you

I started by defining what “a fulfilling life” really matters to me. It’s completely different for every single person as we are all unique human beings, like our DNA. You will most definitely picture a fulfilling life way different than many other people. Take a pen and paper and write it down in detail. Capture your vision in your journal and dive deep into the emotions attached to that picture, anchor them. Do this every day as this process will help your subconscious understand what you truly want in your life.

Once you know how you want to live “your fulfilling life” it’s so much easier to make decisions that will lead to what you envisioned. Naturally, you will tap into your passion, connect more and more to your True Self, and eventually find your true purpose that will make you jump out of your bed every day and greet the morning with an epic spirit, no matter what circumstances you're facing. They don't run your life :)

We are limitless - a quick touch on our self-talk

I believe that we are all limitless no matter how our past has conditioned us. The only thing what stops us creating the life we so want is our limitation - our self-talk: the famous monkey sitting on our shoulder. The cure to that is practice mindfulness to silence the inner chatter and being at peace with yourself. You can achieve this for example through Yoga or meditation.

Here's my Top 10 that has helped me:

  1. Find your purpose in life (you may want to read Viktor Frankl “Man’s search for meaning” or “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek)
  2. Rather be happy than right :) Do what makes you happy and understand exactly what will create happiness in your life. Pursue that.
  3. Practice gratitude every day. It's the highest positive vibration you can send out into the universe.
  4. Focus on the present moment, don’t get imprisoned by thoughts from the past or even the future. However, create a positive and promising vision for your future and visualize it every day. Create an imaginary experience where you can feel, smell, see, hear and touch.
  5. Trust your intuition and chose to open your heart to the world. Never close your heart. Keep your heart open to others and the world. Be of service for others to genuinely help them.
  6. Serve others with love, care, respect and an open mind.
  7. Focus on what you can control in life, not what you can’t. You always have a choice how to respond to whatever life presents you.
  8. Take full responsibility for your existence. As bestselling author Andy Andrews says in his book "The Seven Decisions": The buck stops here. Well worth reading. This book has changed my life.
  9. Never stop educating yourself. We're lifetime students and a new concept, insight, belief, method or strategy you learn could potentially take you to your quantum leap greatness.
  10. Eating healthily and mindfully. Don’t fall for all the food that is so attractively presented in all the advertisements you see (on TV) and your local supermarket, most importantly: avoid sugar. Wait a minute Frank, did you just say TV? Switch off your TV and give it away.


undefinedAs a little bonus, I definitely want to throw in a suggestion to meditate and practice mindfulness every day. As a strong believer in the incredible power of meditation, I would even say that you cannot afford not to meditate every day. If you want to learn why I am believing in meditation, please visit my last article where I speak about how I healed my hearing loss through meditation.

I hope that helps the person who reads this. That should get you on the right path to a life worth living and watching it as your private most favorite movie ever created.

What are your tips you would give your younger version of yourself today that will lead to a fulfilling life? Do you agree with my list? Have I forgotten something that you wish to see in that list? Please share in the comments. I would also love to invite you to forward that article to someone who you feel needs to see this. Follow your heart.

Most importantly, as Jill and I always say: Spread the Love, this is what the world needs most. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

We Are Frank and Jill What does a fulfilling Life mean to you? Learn some useful tips on How to live a fulfilling Life

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