Using a Youtube Linguists Method to Learn Chinese

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There are many Polyglots (people who speak many languages) on Youtube and they all are very impressive.

Each share their own methods and experiences in how they go about learning a languages, and if you are wanting to learn a language then it would be wise to follow their advice.

Because of this I am conducting a language learning mission by learning Chinese by using a method that one Polyglot spells out on one of his Youtube videos.

I have actually studied Chinese before in university for three years and was pretty good at it. However after uni I stopped practising and my level of fluency went down a lot, so I thought that using Chinese as my first language in this series would be a good place to start.

The name of the Polyglot is Felix Wang and the video I will be referencing will be this one (link).

I have written down the method as he spoke and it is as follows (this is a method to learn via a textboook):

  1. Listen to text audio at least three times;
  2. Listen to and read along with the audio, stopping the audio after each sentence so that you can repeat. Do this at least 4 times to get used to the pronunciation.
  3. Read the text over and over six times.
  4. Listen to the text once.
  5. Read the text again over and over for 20 times.
  6. Repeat for 5 days.

This is what I will be doing and I will be doing it with a Chinese textbook that I have called 'New Practical Chinese Reader 4'.

I am very excited about doing this method as I love the art of repetition because I know through experience that to repeat something is a step closer to mastering it.

"Repetition is the mother of all learning" - Latin proverb


Why don't you follow along with me on this challenge and see how much you will improve and comment below.

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