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When you do something that is unusual in your life, you expand yourself beyond boundaries that you have set. You become a greater person, your energy expands.

I have never been into marketing at all, or sales, so when I started with SFM, the mentoring marketing company, I thought it was all far fetched, but yes, I needed to have a job, so why not start it with listening to this passionate pedalo guy here (http://tidyurl.com/vcnn1h) - Stuart Ross’s confidence was appealing, and his attitude was inviting, and actually, what he said gave me hope for a different future. I knew that the normal jobs were outdated somehow, commuting your valuable time to get to an office and work there for ‘time versus money’. This did not feel not right anymore, outdated.

And here, there was the chance to fulfil a few of my own requests : different, creative, passionate, enriching, earning, growing and later-on, sharing the experience and supporting others to get rich and greater as well.


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