Are you doing something that turns you on intellectually?

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I didn’t get the chance to work in a profession that I was truly passionate about from an early age on and so my perception of going to work was just to make money. Already wishing on Monday that Friday would roll around… After coming to the US fifteen years ago, I met many different people and their attitude towards education and working changed my perspective completely. So, at age 26 I decided to take the placement test at the Community College to earn an Associates. I wasn’t really sure what to study, so I got a degree in Liberal Arts and transferred to George Mason University (GMU). As I still didn’t have a clue what I should study I enrolled in a degree called “Global Affairs.” I wasn’t even sure what it entails, but it sounded interesting enough LOL

In my first semester at GMU, I had to take an English composition class, as it was a University requirement. At that point, I was really dissatisfied with my major. The professor of my English class however made a simple but profound statement when I asked him how I should decide on a field of study:


His advice changed my life! I changed my major within the next semester to an education program, which I always wanted to do, but was told by others that education doesn’t make any money, which is true, but it still was the best decision I have ever made! I was constantly challenged in my believes, had to work on myself and how I see the world and surprisingly enough really enjoyed the challenges that I had to face!

I didn’t have a plan after getting my degree so after completion I felt empty and lost… I jumped around trying different things but nothing felt good, nothing felt right. This brings me to the present day, where I’m embarking on this new journey in my life, which includes working for myself but also learning about myself and how I can become the teacher and leader for others. How it’s not about the degree or the job or the career, but how it makes me feel when I jump out of bed every morning!

Check out attached video and reflect upon your own life! Sending you much love and inspiration!

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