Why do people write Blogs?

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What just happened?

Why do people write Blogs?

I’ve started…

I’m tapping the keys….

what the heck?...I'm writing a blog?

I’m not even 100% certain what a blog is, but I’m doing one...Why?


Well, I just had the biggest wake up and it’s shaken me so totally that I‘ve been driven to change.

I’m 56. I’ve started searching for more. More than being at someone else's beckoning. More money than what someone else decides Im worth. More time for “a life”. More purpose to life. More joy in my day.

Where do you search? Books? Job vacancies? Facebook? Meditation?

You see, I’ve been on the usual career track that you may have been on too. I went to university, got a degree, got a teaching job and was working at that until I could retire. Supposedly a stable, fulfilling, secure career path. But things changed, as they do. I wasn't happy. I wasn't fulfilled. And boy! Did I want a change?

Well, one day the change was forced on me. Turns out teaching isn’t secure.

What is secure?

I have just been watching a guy called Reid Hoffman on Youtube. He invented LinkedIn and hes written a book called The Startup of You. 

Turns out the traditional career path is just not a viable option today.

Bigger numbers than ever before of people my age can’t afford to retire, are re-inventing themselves, acquiring new skills and rejoining the workforce. We are forced “to reconsider how the world of work works”.

Technology and globalisation is completely and totally changing the labour market

“Finished ought to be an F-word for all of us. We are all works in progress. Each day presents an opportunity to learn more, do more, be more, grow more in our lives and careers.” Reid Hoffman

Why do people write Blogs? 

So what happens when you’re approaching 60, you’ve got a lot more living to do, but you can't afford to retire and the traditional “work model” just leaves you totally numb?

Well, Im going to find out!

What does Reid Hoffman suggest?

“Start a personal blog and begin developing a public reputation and public portfolio of work that’s not tied to your employer.” Reid Hoffman

So….thought I’d write a blog. If it’s good enough for him….

I'd love some company. Are you searching for more too? 

Want to join me?