by Oliver Crespin Relationships, News and Society, Self Improvement, Home and Family
“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand Him” The key to unlocking the door to step three is WILLINGNESS. Up and till now, you have accepted you have a problem. You are no longer in denial and have come to terms with the fact, you do suffer from alcoholism and you are about to witness a miracle. By attending your meetings and having completed step 2, you are effectively knocking ...
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You Are Not Brave Enough

by Efrain Herrera Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
Let’s be clear on something, this piece of writing is not for the weak minded, nor for the people that don’t dare to ask more from themselves. This is for people that know there is something else, for people that, refuse to accept the idea of mediocrity. Read this carefully, this is for these people that keep moving forwards and are not afraid to fail. If you are ready to accept that Success is inevitable in your life then we ...
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5 Different Kinds of Freedom

by Marleze Scheepers Relationships, Self Improvement
There are different areas in our lives where we experience freedom. Whether you are a Braveheart fan or not, the human spirit is silently shouting out for… Freeeeeedom!  Sadly, sometimes, we have become so institutionalised that we don’t even recognise that call for freedom anymore. We are spirit, soul and body - each area overlapping and impacting the other. It is, therefore, necessary to break this multi-faceted desire down into its elements. Spiritual Freedom Whether you spend eternity in heaven or hell, you are ...
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7 Power Principles of Happiness

by Stephen Livingston Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
7 Power Principles of Happiness We often think what we have, or material goods bring happiness. We say to ourselves, "Oh if I only had this or that, I would be happy." At age seventeen I didn't know or even understand the principles of happiness. I remember as a Senior in high school being in a full-on fist fight with my little brother who was a Softmore in high school at the time. I had worn a pair of his Nike ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education
Some people feel they are not creative whatsoever. Are you creative ? In my opinion we are ALL creative in some way. We all have it within us and need to let it out. We knew how to let our creative side shown when we were kids but then our peers, adults, parents and well meaning relatives taught us how to live and do things the right way according to their experiences. I remember my mother saying get a good government job. I ...
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Growing, Aging Population

by Tina Twyford Relationships, News and Society, Self Improvement
This is something I saw on television here in New Zealand. A program called Seven Sharp hosted by Toni Street and Mike Hosking. There is currently an increase in people retiring and receiving Superannuation. It's about what it is going to be like in the future ( around 2060) for the aging population.  Living longer In New Zealand, retirement age is 65, plenty of time to stay active. The majority of people here own their own home. But that is changing. We are living longer, ...
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Breaking the comfort zone

by Raymond Hoogesteger Business, Relationships, Self Improvement
In order to break the comfort zone, we will need to understand the comfort zone first. The comfort zone is a zone we have in our head that makes us feel safe, secure and known. It is very comfortable to be there because it makes us believe we have everything that we need. Our response to fight, freeze and flee is resting in our back of the heads and does not concern about the dangers. However, we don’t have everything that we ...
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Failure > Learning

by Mike Howse Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement
Failing Is The Best Thing You Can Do Failure has taught us that we're doing something wrong. Something that hasn't helped us do or get to somewhere we want to be. It's frustrating, overwhelming and discouraging for most. But what if we looked at failure as the best thing that could happen if we are trying to learn. Can you see where i'm going with this? If so then stop feeling sorry for yourself and embrace what you already know. What I have ...
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How to become an entrepreneur online personal development

by Paschal E Nwanaji Relationships, Home Improvement, Self Improvement
Personal development refers to growing as a person in both mental, emotional and physical realms as well as improving the overall quality of your life. To reach your own personal development goals, you need to be educated on what can and cannot work for you. You will find a lot of tips on personal development in this article.Pinpoint what is getting in the way of your success. For a lot of people, this is very hard to do. Identifying and ...
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A bag of potato chips and a rude comment

by Tina & Michael Jurén Relationships, Self Improvement
Yesterday I was reflecting over how my view of food has changed over the years. I used to hardly ever eat potato chips, especially not flavored chips. Simply to keep down the amount of processed food and additives I consumed. Now I don’t care anymore, I let a little of everything come across the threshold of my kitchen. And it makes me feel bad, I’ve lost something that gave me stability. When I talked about this I expressed myself in a ...
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“Is there anything else you want to complain about?”

by Tina & Michael Jurén Relationships, Self Improvement
To those close to us, it is no secret that Tina and I love each other deeply but that we also have differences that has put strain on our relationship. But we’re still here, we’re still working on it and we are still sticking to plan A. The other night Tina and I were talking about the choices we’d made over the years. Tina brought up an example of how something that once simply was a no-brainer for her had gradually ...
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Welcome to your life

by Stanislava Hale Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications, Writing and Speaking
A life where everybody wants to waste your time, everybody wants to rule your mind. There’s no turning back now. Welcome to your life. Now you are in the place where we’ll do anything to have your time, we’ll keep watching every step you take, we will follow your progress, we will teach you how to behave and act. We will keep persuading you until you give in, clutter your head with our truth until you are confused enough to make your ...
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Island Girl in the Real world - The explanation of life

by Danielle Yon Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
I have sat in the quiet of the dark too many times in my life, thinking of an explanation. But why? I have sat and tried to explain to myself, why am I in the position I am in today.  And I try to explain this to myself, so that I am able to explain it to others. But why? Why are we as humans so taken with the need to explain oneself to another?  Why waste the beauty of the thought process? Here is ...
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Top Selling Videos On Amazon Now

by Anthony Ruddock Arts and Entertainment, Business, Computers and Technology, Gaming, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Real Estate, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Finance, Health and Fitness, Home Improvement, Investing, News and Society, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Communications, Food and Drink, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Pets, Reference and Education, Shopping and Product Reviews, Writing and Speaking
                                                                          Take a look at the top selling videos on Amazon Also, if you are lookiing for an online business take a look inside the SFM by clicking the link below. TonyG
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Is Time More Important Or Money ?

by Amed Aibak Arts and Entertainment, Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Real Estate, Relationships, Finance, Health and Fitness, Investing, Self Improvement, Communications
A short story about Time and Money A young woman, Mary, beautiful, endearing and every bit as full of life as the brimming youth within her. She had been ready to be a mother for a very long time so when she got pregnant she had already chosen the names of her children, but she was in for a surprise. Much to her joy she gave birth to twins. Two healthy little boys she named Time and Money. Although Time and Money ...
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Creating Happiness and Freedom

by Jaclyn Rorick Relationships, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
Do you want more out of life?  Create a new story for yourself and start educating yourself online!! My mentors helped me change my life where possibilites are now endless and I have such a healthier belief in myself.  I can be that lending hand to help guide you to a life of freedom and happiness. Looking forward to meeting you on the inside!! Jaclyn
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Sorry. Your'e too old.

by Tina Twyford Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
SORRY. YOU’RE TOO OLD. They don’t say it exactly like that because they are not allowed to. It's illegal. Being at the other end of the life spectrum isn’t always a lot of fun. There are some big decisions to be made and you also need to get past the bias of younger people thinking you’re too old. Try finding another job. Finding another job is not that easy. There are a lot of retired people that are extremely well educated, have been in ...
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Island Girl in the Real world - The sacrifice

by Danielle Yon Relationships, Self Improvement
What stands between me and what I desire?   What hinders me from living the life I love?   What have I in my life, that must be sacrificed? Sacrifice is an act of bravery, an act that is honoured and glorified.  But what happens when you cannot make that sacrifice?  What happens when day after day you live in misery of 'should've, could've would've'?  What happens when you have nothing left?                 Over and over ...
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You Are Not Honest Enough!

by Efrain Herrera Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Home Improvement, Self Improvement, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
We have all been told since we were kids to hold back on our true thoughts, ‘they might hurt someone’ or ‘don’t express your true opinion it may cause controversy or conflict’, ironically enough, as controversial as those statements are, we can all agree that they are wrong, however if you are aware of this it means that it has affected you and now you have probably been subconsciously conditioned to stop yourself from freely and unapologetically expressing yourself, but ...
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