Continuous Achievement

by Shilpa Burman Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
It cannot be undermined that every one of us is an invaluable source of continuous achievement. Although from society’s perspective achievement is reflected in terms of the recognition that a person gets after he/she achieves something big or tangible which the society considers of high value. Hence since childhood, every parent tries their best that their child understands how important it is to score well not just in academics or sports but in all areas of their life, be in personal ...
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Goals & Visualisation

by Ryan Tate Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement, Home and Family
I awake naturally well rested at 6ish. we're staying in a luxurious coastal private villa in Indonesia, surrounded by thick tropical gardens. My wife Anna, & our two daughters Mikayla and Keisha are still asleep. I venture to the roof which is well elevated above the breaking surf below. I spend 45 minutes stretching and doing yoga. The room is open aired, & spoilt by 365 degree views of mountains in the distance, waterfalls and lush jungle with walling crystal ...
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Looking for Abundance

by Rosemary Thomas Relationships
What would you like in your life......... here are some things you may have or want, happiness, love, joy, good health and of course money. Our jobs can be a major source of stress in our lives, due to long hours, what is expected of you, commuting, office dynamics and many others. These can have an effect on our relationships, our health, and of course our happiness. We need a job because we need money and we would like happiness and good health. ...
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The choice: whether be happy or not

by Laura Albiero Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
1. I got up early this morning and I took my hot coffee. I felt tired and I just wanted to have more rest. I was distracted when I got out, I walked looking at my phone, I took the underground and it was crowded. I was annoyed by all these people and by the little girl who leant on me. I arrived at work and I could not focus, because I felt overwhelmed by all anxieties and worries of ...
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Increase Your Social Intelligence With A Few Of My Favorite Reads!

by Kathryn Marker Relationships, Self Improvement
I've been learning a lot about how to Increase Your Social Intelligence and how important it is that we are able to adapt and use different parts of our culture to help us achieve our goals and happiness in life. Today I want to share with you a few resources I hope you will find helpful and interesting that will help you navigate different relationships to make them more empowering, healthy and enriching.     Transcript Hi Everyone! My name is Kathryn and I'm from ...
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What Is Women’s Empowerment And How Does It Apply To Me?

by Kathryn Marker Relationships, News and Society, Self Improvement
There are so many different ideas out there about What Is Women’s Empowerment, if we as women are still marginalised and if empowerment is still needed today in developed countries.   I use to think it was “job done” because we can vote and work now here in Western Civilization. There is still a lot to be done about equal opportunities in other countries, but we do find now that direct discrimination has lessened, it’s more the subtle forms that are ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Home and Family
Have you ever thought about financial & spiritual destiny? Really, it's just planning today for tomorrow. Remember to enjoy today, because tomorrow may not come. As a financial planner, I had great joy in watching people's portfolios grow as they were planning for a wonderful financial future. Their  belief systems grew also as they could look forward to an exciting future. Finances can affect people physically, mentally, emotionally, socially & spiritually. In some countries not being able to afford medical attention is very depressing & ...
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Could Your Dog Make You Money?

by Mark Dwyer Arts and Entertainment, Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family, Pets, Reference and Education
See Cosmo here? He's a loyal dog. He may chase the postman every now and then. He may try and steal a piece of toast in the morning. But he's got your back.  And if you had a great idea, like realising a photo such as this one of Cosmo could end up earning you thousands and thousands in repeat royalties, he'd gladly stick a bowler hat on his head for the next photo. Thousands and thousands of royalty income could mean a ...
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DESTINY between Nature and People

by David and Pat Sitko Relationships, Communications, Home and Family
911 call from mother goose. A police officer was sitting in his patrol car in a parking lot close to a creek. While he was sitting there he noticed a goose came up to the car and started pecking on the side of the car. The officer threw some food out but the goose didn't take it. She just kept pecking and quacking. Then the goose walked away a short distance and looked back. Then came back and started pecking on the ...
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Be The Good Guy Not The Nice Guy

by Mark Dwyer Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Finance, News and Society, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family
I've heard it said many times. "Nice guys finish last." People instantly go on the defence and say it's a lot of rubbish and the quote was made up by a "bad guy" who takes pleasure in defeating the "nice guy". But what if we take the bad guy out of the equation and compare the nice guy with the good guy. We start to delve into what really makes up the two types and see why the saying holds a lot of ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Home and Family
How do we we become mentaly and emotionally healthy?  What works for one doesn't always work for another. Having friends that you can share your feelings with helps build a bond of trust, safety and a place where you can be vulnerable and honest about how we feel or think. There have been times I didn't feel like I had anyone to go to for guidance. I found meditation worked for me and brought me to a calm relaxing state where I could rationalize ...
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Fighting Dirty: Argument Fallacies

by Kathryn Marker Relationships, Self Improvement
Fighting Dirty: Argument Fallacies Okay seriously, who hasn’t had an argument with someone and wanted scream because they used dodgy reasoning or other dirty fighting methods to win. Actually, we’ve all probably done it ourselves at one point or another too without realising it. A good argument can be invigorating if done correctly. There’s nothing like a good intellectual spar, provided egos don’t get involved and personal attacks aren’t made, it can be a great way to grow your mind and see ...
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How the People We Choose Affect Our Success

by Kathryn Marker Relationships, Self Improvement
How the People We Choose Affect Our Success They say that hard-work, perseverance, and determination are the keys to success, but no one ever really mentioned the importance of relationships throughout the long and tiring journey. While success is something we achieve through our own efforts, the people we surround ourselves with along the way actually have an impact on how we perform. Needless to say, the more supportive, understanding, and concerned the people you keep around you, the more likely you ...
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Self Improvement Tips

by Paschal E Nwanaji Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement
Improving Life Through Personal Development: Read This Now! If you are going to make a choice to develop yourself personally, it can be a fulfilling and amazing experience. To achieve your goals, you must draw on different sources of inspiration and motivation. The article below is packed with a variety of insightful ideas for your journey. You will miss many opportunities to develop personally if you put off making decisions. Choose not to live in fear of your decisions even if you ...
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Teaching him to love you your way

by Kathryn Marker Relationships, Self Improvement
Teaching him to love you your way Having a happy and fulfilling relationship really makes the biggest difference to your life. Who you chose as your partner is vital to your future happiness and success. There’s a lot to a happy relationship but like anything, knowing some basic key triggers that go a long can take a lot less effort and make your partner swoon (swooning men haha). So why not make your relationship easier by Teaching him to love you your ...
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You're right when you're wrong!

by Lisa Powell Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Doesn't that just sound good! One sentence that totally justifies our every wrong; it's my story and I'm sticking to it! It's called, Motivated Reasoning. This mindset is prevalent within most cultures, politics, religions, prejudices, anything that segregates us into different camps; right=winner vs. wrong=loser. The whole arena turns into a blame game. It's also easy to see in authoritarian management, political and ethical debates where either side are somehow never wrong. But it’s harder for us to see it in ...
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My Story About Staying Without a Job

by Mateja Grabner Home Based Business, Relationships, Home and Family
1. The introduction I am going to introduce you my story about that how I had got fired, after eleven years in the company. It was a long winter. It was not so cold, but there has been a lot of viruses, bacteria, etc. My children were then two and four years old. Both were visiting a kindergarten. You can assume what was happening that winter from those facts I gave to you. I will tell you anyway. 2. Events in that winter Almost every ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships
Nature has a way of surviving no matter what the elements are. Up here in the Muskokas we have pretty harsh winters, with lots of snow which is great for the skiers and snowmobilers and people who enjoy that time of year. Some of the animals who live in this area especially the white tail deer are well adapted to survive the winters, although it can get to be a great challenge for them when the snow is deep and its hard ...
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Healing with love.

by Anna and Dean Hannan Relationships, Self Improvement
We have challenges...some bigger than others throughout our lives. I wanted to share with you some of mine, as I know they will have some relevance to yours. Some of these challenges I have really struggled with, to see the positive side and the lessons they might be teaching me and it has taken me a long time to forgive and let go.I was running the victim, poor me archetype for many years, which led me to play out a lot of ...
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by David and Pat Sitko Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Where do you think we see and hear many, many beautiful cooing doves? Yes in Florida, it's hard to miss them while walking or biking as they startled us. They seem to like to be on the road  where we bike or walk to surprise us. There color blends in very well so their preditors  don't really see them. The doves must feel safe on the road because they frighten us frequently when they scuddle by when they are learning to fly. One year when ...
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