10 sex tips that will keep it exiting

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If you are going through a dry spell or even if your sex life is a raging inferno it can always get better, these 10 simple tips will give you a different outlook on how you should approach sex and skyrocket your partner’s libido. So why wait, jump in ‘literally’ and see what happens.

Sex bucket list

It can get so monotonous doing the same routine over and over again, sex is no different, missionary position in your own bed can seem a bit boring after a while, why not create a sex bucket list and spice things up. Multiple positions in different locations can really keep things exiting. Sex in the woods, skinny dipping, joining the mile-high club or rein acting a porno together can have a massive positive difference on your relationship.

Stop his climax with a rub

Studies have shown that giving you man a back rub beforehand and working your way into more sexual activities not only excite his sensors but relaxes him leading to a pro-longed sexual experience and avoid that pesky pre-ejaculation.

Give your thumbs a rest and give your fingers a workout

Bringing your phone into the bedroom can distract you from your partner’s advances leading them to feel unwanted or ignored, so put down the social media and give each other 100% undivided attention.

Leave the light on

It does not matter if your bums not as perky as it once was, “guys are visually-stimulated” says marriage therapist Victoria Fleming, M.D., the more he can see the more he will want it’s in his DNA, so keeps the lights on from time to time and appreciate each other in your entirety.

Ask and you shall receive

Even the best lover in the world can’t get it right all the time unless you’re telling them what you need, communicate so you both know what feels good and what does not, be fully satisfied and take responsibility for your orgasm.

Keep your knickers on! Whaaht?

Suspense is key, tease her with the feeling of sexual contact without there actually being any penetration. “It can be pleasurable torture to play with each other over your underwear, teasing and stroking through the fabric”, says sex coach Patti Britain, Ph.D. “Your building up the anticipation, so when you finally do have skin on skin contact, it will be that much more explosive and exiting”.

Be Brave

Most woman may feel a bit nervous about taking control of their man in the bedroom, they may think they are being overdemanding or even pushy but believe me there’s nothing sexier than a woman that knows what she wants and has the confidence to tell you, so take charge and see how he responds, you won’t be disappointed.

Play with your toys

Getting a vibrator can be a great way to explore your own likes and dislikes, take it to bed and change your day to day routine, who needs a man when your synthetic friend is fully charged and raring to go with no chance of an annoying sprint finish.

Get naked

Try sleeping in the nude it is so much more emotionally potent and powerful to sleep next to your lover in the nude, there’s more chance of having a midnight romp without the hassle of getting undressed plus the added fact that we know that we are highly visually stimulated creatures, the more revealing the scene the more eager your partner will be.



In many areas of life if there is poor communication then a poor outcome is achieved, sex is just as affected by this as anything, it is essential to communicate with your partner either verbally or non-verbally, this will reinforce your partner’s actions and will fill the both of you with self-confidence that you are getting it right.


Even trying one or two of these can drastically improve not only your sex life but your relationship as a whole.

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