7 reasons why you should be grateful today

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Let’s check in with ourselves this holiday season and ask “how grateful have we been this year”?

Gratitude is the one trait that can set you free. It has been proved that feeling grateful and counting your blessings can actually help increase our happiness levels, as cited by one of Harvard Med School’s articles on positive psychology.

So what does it actually mean to be grateful in a practical sense? Being grateful is not about blocking out hard times nor is it convincing ourselves that life is just great when it might not be. Practising gratitude is a lifestyle, and it essentially means choosing to focus your attention on the good things in your life regardless of how big or small that thing is.

You could choose to be grateful for the small things in life such as having a comfortable pillow to sleep on at the end of the night. You could also be grateful for more important things in life that we often take for granted, such as our health or our family bonds.

Being grateful is also proven to be one of the main keys to manifesting inner happiness. You might have heard this quote before: "The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have." As cliche as the that sounds, there is significant truth behind its meaning...read more.

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