Grateful to enjoy your Family


How many do you have when your family all gets together ?

It's hard to believe the two of us have become 15, such life and good energy when we all get together. The energy level is exceptionally high.

The feeling and the FREEDOM to think that anything is possible, is upon us. The kids are ready for any and all activities. Swimming outdoors or indoors and resting in the hot tub are favorites. Let the games begin from the indoor pool, pool volleyball another favorite when there are only a few others in the pool.Pool_at_night

An after evening swim in the indoor pool is the common spot in the late evening.

One night instead of the indoor pool the gang decided to go to the outdoor pool as it was a beautiful warm summer evening.

The outdoor pool closes at dusk so over the fence they climbed carefully with parental assistance. The kids whooped and hollered and squealed with delight as they swam and played in the outdoor pool by moonlight,having the Freedom to express themselves, supervised by their fun loving uncle.

The last day was reserved for the water front at the lake where they have air filled floating toys to climb up on and bounce on. There is also kayaks and stand up paddle boards. We watched from the lounges on shore while they jumped on the equipment and ran around the circular form trying to keep their balance. One piece of apparatus held all 10 people . Our 3 children in their 40's turn into playful kids when they get on the blow up equipment. With all on the one piece they had the circular like flying saucer got bounced and bounced until it tipped right over. The lifeguard never reprimanded them so I guess it was ok and they played and played water splashing and kids falling off all over.1468958811297

The paddle boarders advanced at their own pace, some standing, some squatting and one laying flat out to enjoy the ride.IMG_20160717_151642 The departure time had come and gone as we all love the fun and games to last forever. Eventually all went back to the condo to pack up, clean up and collect hopefully all their items.

Only three items were left behind and a pair of  sport shoes needed for ball went missing. The shoes are presently still a mystery, the search will resume after this dreary rainy day.

Imagine how our mentors and visionaries can help anyone, that is willing to expand their mind, and have the FREEDOM to live the lifestyle of your dreams.