Now We Are Free


Now We Are Free

For those who have watched the epic movie Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott may notice the final track of the movie is titled "Now We Are Free". Through his life, Maximus showed exemplary loyalty to Rome and dangerously fought for his freedom. Despite his services to the Roman Emperor (Marcus Aerulies) Maximus desired to be with his family as a husband and a father cultivating the gardens surrounding his humble home to simply live his freedom.

So what does this have to do with you, me and why now?

Although our lives are not as adventurous as Maximus being chased by Praetorian Guards his basic goals are however comparable to our goals in the modern age. Just as Maximus desired to spend time with his family and be connected with nature in his garden, we aspire to the same goal of being with family, appreciating the mysteries of nature as our hands stroke through blades of grass or as we watch the droplets of water falling between the veins of a leaf. But as the film unfolds it wasn't easy for Maximus to be released from the shackles of his struggles, he had to fight intensely for his freedom.

In our advanced age which highlights many benefits, we are struggling in the traditional economy to earn a consistent livelihood in a volatile world draped with uncertainty. This is further compounded with digital distractions which do not make it easy to spend time with family and even if you do it is with an anxiety replete with glances at the clock. Might seem familiar?

In order for me to taste a tangible freedom, I have had to take a hard look at my life and begin to make sacrifices with my time, habits and career in order to be in touch with my loved ones and nature around me.

The 9 to 5 personally is a battle for me like Maximus vs Roman Emperor. It's a lifestyle thrust upon you by the corporate world with promises that family will be ok, but when we adopt the 9 to 5 it appears to be a ruse.

So my battle is to muster the high resolve to search for a lifestyle that is not only conducive to my family but enriches them with memories of anxiety free smiles which I can share with others who have similar struggles and vision.

Like Maximus who sacrificed his life (literally), I have to sacrifice my life (metaphorically) to taste the freedom so my actions can speak to my family "Now We Are Free"! Thank you for reading.

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