Overcoming the Fear of Starting Something New

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Do you get excited and enthusiastic at the first thought of starting something new but after a short period of time doubt, fear and hesitation jump in?

According to the experts, our brain is always trying to protect us, but in doing that, it also keeps us from growing and expanding as persons, holding us back to experience life to the fullest. 

Personally, I always welcome change but when starting a new job, a new career or making new friends, it means getting out of my comfort zone, and after a short period of time, I was making excuses, until eventually, I let it go.

This went for years until my circumstances changed a year ago. I was living a comfortable lifestyle and depending on my husband financially, however, as years went by, his health started to deteriorate, we didn't want to acknowledge it, but slowly but surely, his capacity for work began to decrease, his mobility was reduced considerably due to hip problems.

Our lifestyle changed from travelling from country to country visiting our sons and families to start visiting doctors. In the end, he had an urgent hip replacement operation. He also developed a macular degeneration on his left eye making it difficult for him to see clearly. As a result, I am now his carer, and our income has decreased considerably. This situation was my wake up call. 

I realised that I had nothing to back me up financially if something happened to him; that was a scary thought. Also, I have been letting my fears overtake my desire to do something new. I was very much in my comfort zone and stopped challenging myself. 

undefinedFrom that point on, I decided that it was time for me to come alive and start stretching myself and grow. The one thing that has been helping me not to stop is that this time I have a Big Why. Every time my old conditioning tells me to be complacent and get back to my comfort zone, I remind myself of my 'Why.' 

Why Do These Uneasy Feelings Come UP? 

Reading personal growth material has been helping me to understand why it happens. We are scared to commit to something new for fear of failure, criticism, making mistakes, putting ourselves out, or whatever excuse our mind tell us. 

Fear becomes procrastination. We put something off because we don't want to face the feeling of overwhelming and self-doubt. 

It Is Never Too Late

We are in control of our lives, and if we are not happy with our old habits, we can change them.

Focusing on what I most desire has been of great help. I think of all the new possibilities and new experiences that are waiting for me on the other side. The desire to explore the potentials is stronger than the fear.

Even though I have made a decision to change, my old conditioning has not been shifting as quickly as I would like to.  

I follow Abraham-Hicks' teachings, and they say that the Law of Attraction is at work at all times. Whatever we think, positive or negative, we attract. So whatever our thoughts are, the Law of Attraction keeps feeding similar thoughts. 

Changing my old thought habits to new ones have been the most difficult for me, but I have been persisting, and my journey continues.

Important things to remember when the feeling of discouragement arises:

Recall your Big Why. Keep in mind your priorities, only think of your big dream.

Let your emotions guide you. Negative emotions are helpful messages encouraging us to shift our focus before something undesirable manifest. Positive emotions give us feedback that we are in the process of manifesting something that we desire.

One thing to keep in mind when you strive for greatness is that chaos is guaranteed to show up. There will always be people and projects that aren't part of your biggest picture. Break down your big dream into smaller, specific actionable tasks.

Create a morning routine before your day starts, one that serves you and makes you happy.undefined

It has taken me a while to get into my new routine but waking up at 5 am drinking water, meditation, exercise, making my bed, having a shower and getting ready as well as writing in my Journal Positive Aspects before my day starts has made a big difference in my life.

What about yourself? How do you start your day? What big dreams do you have? Please share them. We'd love to hear from you.

With much appreciation