A Look at Love

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Love occurs as an allowing, non-judgemental, joy-releasing state of being.  When applied to oneself, a feeling of "everything's good, just as it is" fills within.  So what, you might say.  Really, do we not all like to feel good?  Certainly it is possible some may say they like feeling "not good," however, the very action of "liking" something feels better than "not liking" something.  In other words, the desire to feel good comes from within as does any desire.  I remember a quote from Richard Alpert (also known as Ram Dass) which read, "Desire is the creator, desire is the destroyer.  Desire is the Universe."  Love as I'm using it here is the state of being that let's us know our unique desires.  It's also the state of being that allows us to recieve the results of our desires.  This makes love a pragmatic state of being.  So how does this connect with a digital business?  Developing anything requires learning.  Learning occurs best in a loving atmosphere.  As an entrepreneur, loving oneself, allowing oneself to make mistakes and learn, works.

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