Accepting Your Mistakes Helps to Rebuild a Relationship

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Yes, it is true believe it or not. Here is Steve Ekeh, the co-founder of Changed Life Freedom. This is another episode on my article on Relationship, Love, and Happiness. In this article, we will be looking at Relationship and Partnership.

In any relationship, whether in business, colleagues at work, family member or love partnership it all the same. In Life today, it is difficult for people to acknowledge their own mistakes even to appreciate each other. We are all human, which means no one is above mistakes. It takes a good understand to accept your mistakes, even when things aren't going well.

If disagreement happens which is normal in any organisation or relationship. The best way to resolve is always difficult when no part accept the blame, but it can be solve easily if someone accepts their mistakes.


This is the foundamental root of establishing a solid relationship, when one can appologize on his or her mistakes then it can wave a way of moving forward. There are many factors that hinder us not to accept our mistakes. In the next episode, I will be detailing how to deal with it; the impact we can have; how to settle without argument; the secret of understanding and development.


The questions will be, can a relationship last long if persistance argument occurring? Many could argue on that but that is not the matter, what I am saying is that, if you accept your mistakes and appologize to it, it helps to settle matters either in business or in relationship. A relationship can be strong and trust if there is honest, trust, commitment, understanding and believe. 

In the next episode, I will be give details on all about it and answering some questions and comments. Please do not forget to leave your comments; subscribe and joined the Changed Life Freedom

Thank you for taking your time to read my article, and hope to hear from you and see you in this is a path that lead lifetime skills and opportunities that will change your life.


Steve Ekeh (Changed Life Freedom)

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