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It Is Amazing to see and experience growing older gracefully and being around great examples of that phenomenon in our lives.

My friend Ken has just turned 93 years young, you would never have guessed that from this vibrant healthy man who lives life to the fullest.

In the winter he is still a very avid skier and flies down the hill leaving people half his age far behind and wondering what he had for breakfast to be able to do that. He has taught a lot of people to ski including his grand daughter who has gone on to win a olympic Gold medal in freestyle skiing at the Sochi olympics.

I first met Ken when we moved to Huntsville 8 years ago and have got to know him as an aquaintance on the golf course at first, then got to know that he liked to enjoy a beer after his round of golf. 

That is were I really go to know alot about him because we could sit and talk and share about our lives and families.

When we first moved here I would see him go by on the golf course most days with a group of other golfers. He still at 93 plays a very good game and is very competitive. I have learned some tips from him especially for my short game in which he is very good at.

He is a very interesting person and likes to kid people and joke around quite a bit, I enjoy his sense of humor. Ken is a vetran of the second world war where he was a pilot and flew spitfires out of England. He has some great stories to tell about his flying experiences during the war as a very young man.

Ken is very well known around Huntsville and along with his wife Sandy are a very warm and loving couple who make anyone feel loved and welcome and we cherish thier friendship. I raise a Molsons Canadian to our friendship.

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