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Life offers many opportunities.  Opportunity is ever available, it ever knocks at lifes door.  However, how often do we accept?  I look at my life and the opportunities that have come and gone in my short life.  Opportunities to work with businesses.   Opportunity to start a career.  Opportunity to travel.  Opportunities for relationships.  Opportunity is ever available. 

Opportunity comes with the power of choice.  I think our power of choice is very often belittled, and if I must say so, too often our power of choice is corrupted and influenced.  We have been blessed with the power of choice.  It is sad that until recently my choice has always been to be a part of a system.  A system that dictates to mankind what is acceptable, what is normal.  A system that destroys hopes and dreams.


An opportunity knocked at my lifes door.  A life full of anger, stress.  A life indoctrinated into believing in a broken system.  The system that accepts stress, frustration, tears and loss.  A system that is happy with mankind living paycheck to paycheck and never having anything in life but a pity pension.  I work. I suffer.  I receive a pension.  Do I want this life?  Is it worth a pension?  Is my happiness, freedom and greatest dreams worth a pension?  What if I die a year before my pension is due?

So I made a choice.  I took a step.  But where I am now, my choice feels more like a leap.  My life has changed.  No!  my life is not perfect.  No!  I am not a millionaire,(not yet.)  No!  I don't have the answers to everything.  But my life has changed.


My emotions are in the process of being controlled by me, rather than my life and attitude being controlled by my emotions.  My finances are in a devastating state.  But that's for now.  My relationship with my partner was a channel for frustration and anger.  Now, I feel like I'm a partner.  A companion.  Not a witch.  Frustrated tears dried.  Anger and stress channeled.  A head thats light and full of hope, letting go of doubt.  A bigger and brighter future ahead.  A value in life.  A vision.  A chance in life.

I made a choice.  Will you?

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