An Island Girl in the real World - Good Habits Adventure

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I endevoured upon a new journey in the last two days.  An adventure that I thought would be, what we like to call, "a piece of cake".  Ha!  who was I kidding.

Stuart Ross in one of his Momentum Day presentations made me aware of something very valuable.  Good habits.  And as I sat and pondered what he suggested, I realized that alot of my time is wasting on useless activities.  Alot of my time is wasted on thinking about what to do, rather than doing.  Stuart Ross said that "Good habits form good lifestyle." Wow.  I never saw it that way.  All of my good habits are, how do you say?  Nonexistent.  I awoke to the fact that I don't have any good habits.  Well, I brush my teeth I guess.   Oh!  And I habitually go to a job I absoulutely hate every morning.  Not sure if that's a good habit though, guess you could see it as a form of dedication and self discipline.  But that's how I came across that Good Habit Adventure.


So, I took the advice.  I chose a relationship, I chose a health and a business.  And my choices were what I saw as the most important, or the health and business were the most relevant I guess.  I felt the determination oozing as I wrote down my choices, the start and finish date for my 30 day adventure.  I felt the commitment as I sealed it within my heart to be dedicated to my three choices for the 30 days.  

Monday.  24th of October 2016.  My alarm clock bangs of at 0550 hours.  Energy, enthusiasm. I accomplished it.  Finished work at 1700 hours and yes, right into my study time on my business choice.  Happy days.  Bang!  2100.  Right on time for some flossing.

Stuart Ross said that 0-10 day phase in the 30 day habit adventure was the "excuse phase."  I am here to tell you.  Hand on heart truth.  Tuesday.  25th of October 2016.  My alarm clock bangs of at 0550 hours.  I don't even remember turning the clock of and setting my phone to 0730 hours. Finished work at 1700 hours.  'Should I order pizza?  It's two for one Tuesday and I have my workshop Orientation at 2000 hours.'  Boom!  2100 hours.  2200 hours.  2300 hours.  OH NO!  It's midnight! Wow.  Absolutely pathetic Danielle!  I made it to day two.


As I sat there pondering what film to watch in bed. (I know right. What cheek?!)  I actually asked myself if this is really my outcome for my future?  To make it to two days?  To give up and make excuses constantly?  To abuse the privilege of developing good habits in 30 days, just because my personal administration sucks?  

No.  It is my own fault for being awake at 0058 hours and blogging because I was too busy buying pizza when I should have been on my adventure.

Too often we convince ourselves into a comfort zone with our lame excuses.  Too often I find something else to blame rather than taking responsibility for my own actions.  Too often we take the adventure for granted and miss great opportunities.  But thanks be to God that I have one useful attribute.  And I believe we all have that attribute.  The will to carry on.  The will to succed.  The will to keep moving forward.  I did it.  I made it to day two of my 30 day Good Habits adventure.  And I'm sure I will find many excuses along the way.  But remember this my friends.  We determine where we end up, what time we get there and the state we rock up in.  It's up to you.  It's up to me.  We're just to weak to carry on. 

Check out Mark and James as they tell their story.  A story of developing good habits.  A story of change, transformation.  A story that brought me hope.  Enjoy.  You deserve it

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