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Are we a rare comodity? Are we weird? Are we crazy?

What's happening in our world today? We have access to so so much knowledge, help & counseling, yet  long term marriages appear to be fewer & far between.

I guess we are old fashion to some people. Others may say we are committed. We just continued to learn how to keep it together & weighed the pros & cons of those that would be affected.

We now realize moreso the effect of our enegy on the whole universe. We are one.

Did we have to change?  Did we go to marriage encounter even when others thought we had the greatest marriage? YES, we made changes & went to marriage encounter. Investing in our selves affects every one we encounter.

We are all in this world together & to keep our world together, we need to do whatever it takes to get along.

Finding my voice has emproved many of our relationships, starting at home. Mother always said charity begins at home. Be the LOVE you want to see in the world. It's not always easy but most often it is doable.

Most things begin at home with our daily habits. Our example to our children is the best teacher they will ever have. We can talk until we are blue in the face but when we don't do as we say, we are teaching them our word is of little value. All the business principles we've learned throughout our business lives can be carried into our home lives.

When we commit to something & don't deliver, admitting it is the first step. We all make mistakes. The person doing the most for mankind has a greater opportunity to make more mistakes & do more GOOD. Some people can hardly wait to see you fail. 

Many people will not try to do things for fear of making a mistake. Many do not make marriage vows as they fear failure in that department of their life, as they see so many people separating & divorcing.

There are very few things that cannot get worked out. The willingness to make changes is a good beginning. Many cold wars occur in people's homes as communication skills have fallen by the wayside.

Our awareness of our own energy & environment can be the free thermometer for a house hold. There is a saying "if MAMA ain't happy, ain't nobody HAPPY. It's up to each of us to maintain our own happiness without expectations from others.

What happens, happens. How we react to the happening is what we can take control of.


HAPPINESS leads to many experiences we'd never have. Join a HAPPY GANG.  Being with happy people lifts our spirits.  Always remain humble & kind & have compassion for others. XO.

We have learned many new business skills to encorporate with our life skills to improve our lives in many different ways.

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