Aspiring to Self Acceptance

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We all like to think or at least pretend that we’ve got it all together, whether that’s due to pride, fear, or just not wanting to disappoint others. However this can take a lot of time and energy and is not going to help you grow and develop into someone who actually does have it together in the long run. To do this you have to pull back the curtain on the facade and have the courage to:

·         Look at yourself

·         Be vulnerable

·         Ask the uncomfortable questions

·         Be honest in your answers.

For most of us resisting this is a natural reaction- it’s probably going to get unpleasant at some point and our autopilot response is to avoid unpleasantness (even if it’s actually what’s required for personal growth). But in order to reach your full potential we need to know ourselves, good and bad, and either accept it or get to work on the things that we cannot accept. Getting to know yourself can actually be quite difficult and scary, especially if you’ve spent years projecting and acting out who you want to be seen as. But putting in the time and effort is worth it.

The most successful business people and leaders in this modern age have one thing in common- they are authentic. They’ve taken a long, hard look at themselves and they know who they are, both the positive and negative attributes. And because they are aware of and accept themselves, they have the power to stand up without fear of judgement and do what needs to be done. And so can you.

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