Be Mindful Woman !

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Be Mindful Woman !


Mindfulness  - I am hearing more and more of this word.  What is it ? Important ? Do I need? Why would I need it ?

‘ Another cosmo new trend everybody gets too excited about ‘  – this is what I was thinking before I have tried it on myself and got really hooked by it.


Mindfulness is so simple and embraces idea of BEING HERE and NOW. That is it.


Why is it important ? – look around yourself and the message will hit you. So many running in chaotic speed people. Quickly from one place to another. Very often with no breakfast, no lunch, just constantly on a High C.

HERE and NOW is a reminder of life, of a simple moment, of heartbeat, breath. It puts a pause in a rat race.


Do you want to try ? Why not to start with this simple exercise then – you will love it :) Promise!  


Take a piece of chocolate and try to eat it for 5 min. Yes, yes. Square of chocolate and spend the best 5 min with it. Just YOU and CHOCLATE. In silence.

Gather all your thoughts, your sensors : sight, smell, taste into this process. Enjoy that small square of chocolate. See it …….. Smell it…….Taste it. Enjoy again and again. Pre taste it , after taste it. You are HERE and NOW whit that piece of chocolate. You are almost in your mouth with it !  :) 


How was it ? Share your comments please :) 


 I have tried it with my 2 girls. Ha! So good to observer it. As a mother I was just milking this moment to its maximum. Smacking and Slurping sounds did not bother me for a first time. Actually, I have enjoyed all of them. And that sparkle in girls eyes..... Unforgettable.

 Everyday I am learning to be here and now. I would love my children to know what it means too. They are so young, life is in front of them. Hopefully will never say : ‘my life is leaking between my fingers Mum’ ! They have all the time and space for their amazing lives.



Enjoy Woman, enjoy Mum :) 


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