Be you(tiful) - not perfect

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Do you sometimes think, that you need to be perfect, or that you are not worthy or not good enough for something? 

You are not alone. Doubts, uncertainty and the drive for perfection are probably the most common thinking patterns that hinder us from unleashing our full potential, reaching our goals and living the life we desire. Furthermore, those thinking habits suck out all the creativity, the happiness and the entrepreneurial courage out of our souls. And after a day of "trying to be perfect" it can easily happen that we feel like a complete loser - that is at least, what I experienced before I decided that I am good enough for everything I want.

If you love to experience why and how you are already "perfect" the way you are, watch this:

Yes, you are perfect already the way you are. This does not mean, that you can not grow and develop your personality. Personal growth is probably the most effective way to achieve goals and dreams. However, it should be driven by happiness and pleasure and not by trying to fill a lack of perfection

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