Business or Friends? Do You Have To Choose?


New Business or Friends?  Do You Have to Choose?

So you’ve taken the big plunge and decided to start a new exciting business.  Woohoo, go you!  You’re feeling so excited about what you can achieve, you’ve set your new business goals and some big personal goals too.

You’re committed to putting in the long hours required to get this baby up and running, around your already busy lifestyle.  Yep, lots of hours, but it’ll be so worth it when you create that time and financial freedom you’ve been wanting for so long.  But why to we feel like have to choose between business and friends?

I get it!  I’ve been there too.

So why do we have to feel so guilty about making less time for our family and friends?

Because they make us feel guilty?  Maybe not intentionally, because they don’t understand why we’ve made this commitment to making our lives better and striving to achieve our goals. It’s hard to explain to some people that we’ve started a new online business, it’s seems most of them think that we’ve got ourselves into some kind of “pyramid scheme” or something “illegal”.  Instead of giving us they’re support and a “hey, good on you for having a go”, they’re immediately skeptical and negative.

It can be hurtful, very hurtful in fact to think that your close friends don’t believe in you or what you’re doing.

They don’t always understand why you can’t meet up because you’re working.  “Don’t you work from home” they say, “can’t you just take the day off, you don’t have a boss to ask” they say. If they’re your true friends, then they’ll understand and support you, if they’re not… they won’t.  Simple as that!

I know it’s hard, but you really need to make the choice to spend less time with the negative Nancy’s in your life and focus on being around positive minded people who uplift you.

Think about what’s more important to you.  Friends who don’t support you 100% or making a life of freedom for you and your family for years to come?  Your true friends will understand that you can’t come to every coffee catch-up or kids play-date at the park.  

So what should you do about it?

1. Don’t take it Personally.

If you haven’t felt the massively positive support you expected from your friends, don’t “break up” with them just yet. The “rejection” you feel is not necessarily personal.

2. Tell your friends ways in which they can support you.

The most common reason our friends don’t support us in our new ventures is often surprisingly simple: they are busy and don’t know what they can actually do! Remember that they have no idea what it’s like to be in your shoes and there is no “handbook”.

3.  Make New Business Friends.

Is your BFF totally convinced that since you work for yourself you must be taking naps and hanging out in coffee shops? Maybe it’s time for some new friends. The reality is, not all friends will be able to support you in every aspect of your life, but that’s ok! Having friends who are also home business owners means having people around you who understand where you’re coming from, what you’re trying to achieve and just how hard it is to do what you are doing.

4.  Ask Your Friends “What Can I Do For You?”

Sometimes you need to put yourself in your friends shoes. Are they stressed out too? Are they overwhelmed and need your help? We don’t always know what goes on behind the scenes, maybe they’re putting on a brave “I’ve got it together” face in front of us!  Before asking for support, or feeling disappointed when a friend isn’t quick to respond, try asking them what you can do to help them first!

5.  Know When to Move On!

When all else fails, it may be time to accept that some friends aren’t as close now as they once were. It’s natural for friends to grow apart and, in some cases, it may be best to accept it so you can save your energy and move forward, ­live and learn!

I'd love to hear Your thoughts on this.  What have you experienced?  Comment below.

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