Coming Out

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This blog is not about coming out in the tradtional sense. In a simlar vein however, it is about cultivating and acting upon the courage to be the fullest expression of who we truely and deeply are. However that may be for each of us. To be and to express this these days is the bravest act alive. 

One glance at our LGBTI community and, provided you are not a victim of judgemental and small mind ideology, you will recognise our forerunners in 'coming out'. Still, the essence of this term belongs to us all. To be fully human is to bring to the light our perpetual particles of truth and vulnerability again and again and again... 

'These are dangerous days, to say how we feel is to dig our own grave' Sinead O'Connor

We live in an ugly and beautiful world, that's the truth, and it teems with love and with hate. So to hide aspects of ourselves is a form of understandable self protection. We all know what happened with Sinead O'Connor after she tore up that picture of the pope on live television during a 1992 concert. We all know the consequences of the stigma sourrounding and supporting the silence of those who identify with any minorty group. Its not always safe, to be fully ourselves.

Time bomb truth needs a heavy coat of armour. If you've got that armour, go for it, the world needs and is ready and waiting for you. If you dont, build it, the world is not ready but waits anundefinedneeds you equally.

How do we begin to build that armour?

Begin. We go inside and feel our way with our emotional navigators. We heal and make right what needs to be. We explore our boundaries till we know where they are. Then we go to their edges and stretch them, regularly. We let go of our need to please and to be perfect and accept it may take a lifetime,or more, to find somewhere to hang all of our hats. We allow for the breaches, for they, like our obstacles, are the way, and with a healthy dose of curiosity, reflection and forgiveness they become the best of teachers. We own our s**t and when we do, we dissolve any shame we have around disclosing it, and in doing so we set a course for others to do the same.

And when we recognise those we place on far reaching pedestals of admiration, as expressions of our deeper and truest selves, something happens. We realise that they and the world needs us to stand beside, not beneath them.

As the old adage goes, our truth is our freedom.

So in every moment, in every opportunity that presents itself to us where the temptation to hide aspects of our truth is present, lets resist it, whether it be it a fuzzy gut feeling or a crystal clear knowing. Lets say 'hell yes' 'no' 'maybe' and 'I dont know'. Lets ask for help if we need it and lets reach out if we feel that pull to help another. Lets admit we are all in the s**t and lets each and every one of us own our little piece of it.

These are acts of courage, these are acts of coming out. The world needs us to seek, to say, to understand, to be confused, to rage against, to despair, to celebrate, to make sense of and to be whatever our own individual truth is. The world needs us all to come out!

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