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Yesterday, we spoke about “make your life an adventure”. When you are truly enjoying life, you will be happy. I have never seen someone who enjoys life while looking angry or sad 24/7. With happiness comes great responsibilities and unforgettable moments. These responsibilities are to consistently do the activities you love, which will create more and more unforgettable moments.

Through life, I have noticed that people hate to be around those who are angry, sad and negative all the time. Being surrounded by this kind of people can burst your bubble of excitement. It is not nice to be around someone who does not enjoy life and always find fault with anyone and everyone. People of this kind always complain, make excuses and always rub off their issues down on you. After they shared their stories, you feel burdened and feels like this day can end any time now. Being with people who complains, make excuses, whose angry, sad and negative most of the time, always make the environment less welcoming. Most people always want to escape from those who lives with the aforementioned characteristics.

Through life, I have also noticed that people love to be around those who are fun, full of life and happy. Being surrounded by this kind of people can change your mood instantly. They will allow you to forget about your problems for a moment or they will help you to view your problems in a different light. In addition, this kind of people can also motivate you and provide you with possible solutions which can help you out of your situation. These are the people you have to associate yourself with.

If you are in a bad space at this moment, take time out to either deal with your situation or change your perspective in life. Why do you allow yourself to be surrounded by negativity? The only promise negativity serve is to “keep you away from enjoying life and your happiness”. Therefore, the only person who will be affected by negativity is yourself.

If you are in a happy zone, continue to make yourself feel great every day. Live by the morals of “make your life an adventure”. Do not allow anyone or anything to take away your happiness. Make a promise to yourself, that from now onwards (i) you will live your life to the fullest and (ii) be happy.


Thank you, everyone.

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