Day 6: “Be YOU & Be AUTHENTIC”.

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For the past two days, we have mainly focused on “make your life an adventure” and “your happiness is your responsibility”. I have learnt in life that these two factors can easily be destroyed by those whom you surround yourself with.

Not everyone that are smiling at you, is happy for you. Not everyone that listen to you, cares about you. Secretly, your struggles make them happy. While you sad and in tears, their inner-self are rejoicing. For some, it will take years to see people’s true colours. At the time you found that out, those people already know all of your secrets. When this happen, you can do nothing to stop them. They have the authority to either let your secrets go viral or use it against you. What this means is, you have sharpened your own knife. Be careful whom you trust.

Today, I want to talk to you about the important people in your life. There is a difference between good friends and important people in your life. For most, important people are their parents, siblings, children, best friend, boy- or girlfriend, husband or wife.  Good friends are those whom you share your stories with. In contrast, the important people are those who experience your life (or stories) with you.

I personally only have four people who are dearest to me. These four people are like the roots of a tree, they always stick to me through summer, autumn, winter and spring. Years in and out, through exciting or the most difficult times. These are the people whom I share my plans with and whom I can trust wholeheartedly. You can be yourself around them. Whenever you are in a really tough or bad situation, instead of giving you advice (that’s what a good friend will do), they would face that though or bad situation with you.

Make time for those who are important to you (not referring to your good friends). I am referring to those major pillars in your life. Those whom you can be YOU. Those whom you can be AUTHENTIC. Those whom you can genuinely share your struggles with and no one would judge you. In addition, the important people in your life are those whom you can genuinely share your success with, and no one would be jealous of you. In fact, they would rather share a tear of joy and share how much you mean to them. They would share how proud they are of you with gratitude.  This is the kind of people you need in your life.


Thank you, everyone.

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