Drilling Rig Hands Suffering One More Boom or Bust Cycle But This Time It’s Different

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Drilling Rig Hands Suffering One More Boom or Bust Cycle.

Having had 44 years of Drilling experience, I’ve lived through the booms and busts of our industry many times over. Every 10 years the cycle comes around again. As a young worker in 1973, I remember how proud I was to get a job on an Offshore Drilling Rig. America was desperate to expand the domestic exploration for Oil and Gas. The drilling boom of the 70s and early 80s was meant to break America’s dependence on foreign oil.

 I also remember one day in 1984 when I did not have two pennies to rub together. It was painful having to move my children in with their Grandparents because I couldn’t pay the light bill. That time the bust lasted through 1986. A whole cycle of workers was lost and would never return to work on a drilling rig again. Everywhere around you, homes, cars, trucks, wives and families were being lost. Like always, the “big boys” decided the glut was over and foreign oil producers slowed production. It was now boom time again and back to work we went!!!

 Drilling Rig Hands are suffering another Boom or Bust cycle

This current Bust cycle has put hundreds of thousands of us out of work. But the big difference today is that the overall economy offers no hope of us getting other jobs. There are no stories in the media about the human impact this is having on Drilling Rig Hands. No one feels any sorrow for an out of work Roughneck or anyone else in the Oil Patch. It seems most Americans view Oil Rig Workers as having fat cat wallets like the boys walking the thick corporate carpets of Houston, Dallas and New York. Fact is we are just regular men hoping to work each day providing for our families, giving them a stable life. We make the kind of sacrifices that the average worker would never make. We work rotation shifts on an iron beast that can kill us in the blink of an eye. Because our work is so dangerous they pay us decently, but we still risk life and limb to provide oil and gas to power everyone’s home.

 Some sad facts about this bust that makes it more risky for Drilling Rig Workers are that apparently 50% of everyone on the Planet now hates our product. We have lived under threat for decades, since 1991 when the United Nations began their efforts to destroy fossil fuel use. Our life’s blood, “black gold” has shifted in the eyes of many and its use is now seen as destructive to the planet. Political hacks, the renewable energy industry as well as fossil fuel energy giants are now feasting on our bones. They’ve put their heads together and created a tax and profit machine called “Climate Change.” Make no mistake; we are dust under their feet, to be swept away at will. Their old school profit-driven schemes expand on an endless cycle that they’ll ride into the ground. These are the horse and buggy boys!

Drilling Rig Hands Suffering this Bust Cycle face difficult times that no one should be forced to confront.

 What will all of us do? What do hard-working men and women do when their life’s work is ripped out from under them? We will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and learn a new dance with a better partner. The times – they are changing my friends! 

This is the beginning of a conversation we must have and share with a great community of brothers and sisters.

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