Find Purpose, Live Life

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Purpose through Living Life!

A friend was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor.  He went into a tailspin of depression and sorrow.  Everyday he awoke, mourning all the days he would miss and all the days he would never experience with those special in his life.  5 years later that friend is still missing everyday that was a gift, still mourning, still not living in the present. 

Have you done something today to make it memorable?  Be it a friend, a child, or a stranger; have you done something today for someone that they will remember after you are gone?  Can you say you tried? 

Let me leave you with this last thought….  When we live afraid of dying we often die before learning to live.

Challenge yourself and send 5 things that you would like to experience to my Facebook link below or through a comment. Design a real purpose, map out 100 life experiences and start a new life adventure?   Find a little purpose through living life!

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