FREE for you TODAY.

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FREE for you TODAY.

Did your Mother or Father ever tell you " The BEST THINGS in LIFE are FREE?"

When we were kids we never really thought about what was FREE or what we had to pay for. Most of us had very little & were quite satisfied until we met people that had more than we had from a material point of view.


#1 AIR is FREE.

We really never thought  much about the  FREE AIR we breathed until the FREE AIR was full of sulfer. We lived in Sudbury.  Around  Sudbury we have Nickel Mining and two smelters that used to pump out sulfer on hot summer days that made breathing difficult for many people.

Now large smoke stacks have been built to take the sulfer up so high you seldom notice the sulfer. So far the AIR is FREE.

We loved going to the Manitoulin Island on weekends or for vacations as the  FREE AIR was pure & clean without sulfer. There were no Industrial elements in  their  FREE  AIR.

 The Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater Island in the world.  We LOVE their Bridal Veil Falls.

It is a big, fasinating tourist attraction well worth the trip.

We call the beautiful  MANITOULIN ISLAND,  " GOD'S COUNTRY."

#2 Water is FREE

Water was FREE when we were kids. We thought nothing about drinking the water from our fresh water lakes. Now we would definitley boil the water from any lake before drinking it.

Where we presently live we have access to Spring water that we refill containers with drinking water. We leave a donation to keep it in good repair. Those who can't afford a donation get it for FREE.

The younger generation go & buy water as it seems to be more convienient for them. The next generation will be accustom to buying those plastic bottles of water & think nothing of it unless we start educating them as to what is happening.

#3. Sunshine  is FREE.

Sunshine again is a FREE excellent sourse of  vitamin D that many people purchase as they think the sunshine is bad for them. The sun to me is radiation in small doses. You know when you've had enough so get out of it before you burn your skin. Dress appropriately.

#4 Earth  is FREE.

Mother earth is FREE.  She gives us such remarkable energy by walking near to her. Simple dirt paths without concrete or pavement allow energy to flow through our bodies to keep us healthy. This exercise is so natural & FREE.  A  huge gift to all of us.  Many people choose the gym for work out purposes & pay a big price again.

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