Genuine Friends, Being Brothers, and Soul Sisters 1

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Genuine Friends, Being Brothers, and Soul Sisters1

Since it seems difficult at times to define and find genuine friends, be brothers, and soul sisters; we need to ask ourselves the some basic questions, like:

  • "What are genuine friends?" 
  • "What is the difference between having a brother and being a brother?" 
  • "What are soul sisters?"

What Does It Mean to Be a True Friend?

To me a true friend has a sincere and caring approach that is revealed in multiple positive qualities:

  • Patience- Whenever we have the opportunity in our lives to be a true friend to someone else, it always helps to remember that those who have friends need to be patient with their friends. Since nobody is perfect, being a friend and having friends requires us to give some understanding and patience in regard to areas of growth and life challenges.  As long as our friends allow us to be individuals and be responsible with our own lives, we need to remember to do the same for them.  It only becomes necessary to establish and enforce healthy boundaries when someone we know starts to be disrespectful of our individual choices, responsibilities, time, and other personal areas of our lives.
  • Kindness- Good communication and honesty in friendships are a necessity.  But it's also good to give some thought to when and how you communicate with your friends.  Some sensitivity and thoughtfulness go a long way in showing the genuineness of your friendship.
  • Humility and respect- This is revealed in being able to accept other's unique gifts, talents, personality, interests, and vision without uninformed judgments or jealousy. If we only have friends who are like us, then this reveals the degree of respect and humility we have toward those who are different from us.
  • Forgiveness and slowness to anger- None of us are perfect friends, but we always can admit when we blew it, and go from there.  This is why forgiveness and being slow to anger is important.  Friendships built on common hatred or anger rarely have longevity because "angry folk " or those who make it their life focus to "prove who they are not" will eventually turn on each other as a group because of their negativity.
  • A friend is happy about truth and speaks the truth with thoughtfulness and sesitivity- Sometimes truth spoken or revealed can feel hurtful initially to us for whatever reason.  But truth not spoken when it was needed is much worse and could eventually ruin a good friendship.
  • Hopes for the best and perseveres as a friend- I'll be the first to admit that I don't agree with all my friends' decisions and choices in life.  However, I chose to maintain the friendship and accept them for who they are and where they are at in their lives.  We can always hope and wish the best for our friends in regard to their best highest interest is concerned.
  • A friend always trust in healthy, true, and best version of their friends as they make important life decisions- Being our real, true, and best selves is not always easy, but a genuine friend helps bring out the best version of us to believe in.

Genuine Friends, Being Brothers, and Soul Sisters 1

Summing It Up

A genuine friend is patient, kind, humble, respectful, forgiving, not easily angered, presents the truth, and always attempts to bring out the best version of ourseoves and always hopes for the best while persevering as a friend.

Looking at Yourself

So what aspects of being a friend do you need to work on?  Are you patient, kind, humble, respectful, forgiving, and ally with the truth, faithful, and attempting to bring out the healthiest, true, and best version of your friends?  Do you have genuine friends who are being brothers or soul sisters?

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