Genuine Friends, Being Brothers, and Soul Sisters 2

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Genuine Friends, Being Brothers, and Soul Sisters 2

We are going to focus on being brothers and soul sisters in this second article on genuine friends, being brothers, and soul sisters.  Years ago I was discussing with a community youth leader the difference between having a brother and being a brother.  Anyone can have a brother, but actually BEING a brother is a choice and altogether different concept.

Being a Brother...

Here are a few characteristics of being a brother:

  • A proverb states, "A brother is born for adversity."  Therefore, a brother sticks with you during difficult times and helps you get through these times well.
  • A brother seeks your highest benefit even in these difficult moments.  A brother is by default a genuine friend, but even more so he is by your side during the storms seeking your highest good in all.
  • A brother continues to inspire you to be your best self despite the current situation(s).  This, of course, would imply that they know you well enough to understand your true and best self and what that would look like in various situations in your life.   

What is a Soul Sister?

Genuine Friends, Being Brothers, and Soul Sisters 2

From talking with various friends over the years and reading various articles and books related to the subject, here are a few qualities of a "soul sister" that I picked up:

  • Sharing and caring- Of course, being there for your sister in times of need and trial is implied.  Communication about what's going on in your life is on a regular basis.
  • Persevering during difficult times as well as good times.  These are sisters who understand their friends and know how to help them get through the tough times.
  • They know you well.  This is somewhat implied throughout this section.  They know when you are down and how you will respond to different situations.  

Summing It Up

Having a brother and being a brother are two different things.  Qualities of a true brother are someone who sticks with you during difficult times, someone who seeks your highest good, and someone who inspires you to be your best self.  Qualities of a soul sister are sharing and caring, persevering during difficult times, and knowing you well.

How It Applies to You

So are you a brother or sister to someone?  How many of the qualities of a brother or sister do you practice in your daily life?  Where do you need to grow and what is your plan to grow in that area?  Do you have genuine friends, people who are being brothers or soul sisters?

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