Internet Business: Get Your Freedom by Leaving the 'Comfort Zone'

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My journey: when the comfort is no longer comfortable

It's now been about three months since I decided to leave my comfort zone to activate a life of freedom that I wanted. It has not always been easy to leave the comfort but with the support and training, I can safely say that I have confronted my past fears and  have gone on to start my own Internet Business, which some they call it Digital Entreprenuership.

It has not always been a smooth sailing, as I have been tempted by the same old fears, especially during times when I had not made any sales or progressed the way I wanted in my business.  However, those low-downs have been opportunities for learning and growth. I want to be real to you by saying I have not yet reached where I want to get to but at least I am glad that I have left my previous position. It''s been fun and challenging to start my own Internet Business from scratch. I would have never known my capabilities had I not acted out and tested myself.

In our world as we know it, freedom is not something that you get on a silver platter. You have to fight for it and that battle is in the mind. Once you win the mindset battle by getting the right knowledge and skills, I can be assure you that you can achieve anything. You literally transform.

Businesses disrupted by Storm Emma /Beast from the East

This week in the United Kingdom we have had massive snow, treachrous freezing conditions and storms as due to Storm Emma and the Beast from the East. Sadly, these conditions have distrupted the smooth functioning of many traditional businesses. So many people couldn't get to their workplaces/ traditional businesses e.g as van drivers, shop owners, site workers, office workers etc. Due to that, it meant that losses were encountered in those businesses. This would likely affect the overall cashflow of those businesses when they experience such disruptions.


Someone may then ask, what is your point? Wasn't this just a normal act of nature?

My point is to highlight to you an alternative business model which not only brings freedom to you but it allows you the flexibility to work from wherever you are, even from the comfort of your bed. This was my reflection this week when I saw quite a number of people struggling to commute to work, being stuck in dangerous conditions and coming back home very late. 

Although one may argue that this is a 'one off' phase, I would like to alert you of the reality of how digitalised the world economy has become. You get to even see people without any formal educational qualifications doing well by utilising the internet. I enourage you to seriously think about re-tooling your skills and upgrade your knowledge base. 

Why Re-tooling for digital business?

Traditional high street retail shops are closing, as everyone is now shopping online.

Traditional educational institutions are suffering from the competition of online trainings which are very practical. You get to conduct webinars with people from anywhere in the world.

Accounting systems are being done online.

Even currencies are now being digitalised. Ever heard of the cryptocurrencies?

Bottom Line- Call to Action

The bottom line is Do something different today

You can't keep on doing same thing and expect different results!

Why continue to use outdated analogy systems in a digital economy!

Adapt or Go Bust!

Face your fears

Learn, Act, Invest


How to make your first 10K online!

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