Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant with Law Of Attraction

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Welcome to my lastest blog post.

Today's topic is in resposnse to a question from a facebook commentor.

The question is how to get pregnant and stay pregnant full term, by applying the principles of the knowledge of the Law Of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction is a universal law in which 'like attracts like'. If you are having difficulties either getting pregnant, or you miscarry, it is because, somewhere along the line you have picked up a belief that it is hard for you to have a baby.

A belief is only a thought you keep thinking.

This can be changed. It will take some practice and a bit of time to change the direction of your momentum. However, if you start thinking different, more positive thoughts on the subject of pregnancy. If you try to stop telling people the story of any health issues relating to this, your momentum will slow and start going the other way.

Every desire you have has already been created.

These creations are held in vibrational reality waiting for you. Many who don't know the Law Of Attraction don't realise this and therefore do not receive the physical manifestion of their desire. The moment of physical death is when these people move into the full realisation of everything they desire. I am creating these posts because I don't want people to have to wait until they die to realise their dreams. I wan't you the experience the glory of the full manifestations of dreams while you are alive.

How do you do this?

The best way to do this is by fucussing on what you want rather than what you don't want. Instead of thinking and saying things like " Why can't I get pregnant? ", " It's hard for me to have a baby? ", or,  " This always happens ". It is time for you to start saying and thinking things like " Won't it be nice when I'm pregnant ", " I'm really looking forward to holding my baby. " Spend time imagining your perfect life with your baby. Write stories about what it will be like.

Find the thoughts that cause you to feel happy.

If at any time what you are thinking and saying doesn't cause you to feel good, then change the subject to something that does. Even if the new subject has nothing to do with pregnancy. Try to spend as much time as you can, thinking about and appreciating the things in your life that are working. Even if it is as simple as thinking about how much you like a favourite TV show. This same practice will help for anything in your life that you are wanting to improve.

Thoughts Become Things.

Try to be aware of what it is you are thinking about, and if it doesn't feel good, try to find a better feeling thought.

I hope this helps.

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