Grateful Surprise

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One of the things I love to do is play Golf, we are members at a golf course in Huntsville,Ontario called Deerhurst Lakeside.

This year has been a very challenging year because of the weather, we have been rained out more times this year than any other year that we have been here.

It has also been my best year for scoring on the course. One of my goals was to shoot my age which was 74 until the end of August when I turned 75.  My best score for this summer was 70, so I beat that goal by 4 strokes. I also played a number of ounds in the 70's and low 80's so it was my best year for golfing.

I play in the mens goup every Wednesday morning, usually with a goup of 4 golfers, we have a lot of fun together and play different games.

We also have a BBQ during the year at one of the guys houses which is a lot of fun and on the last day we play a tournament with prizes and a great dinner provided this year by the Deerhurst Resort dining room.

I was unable to attend the golfing on that Wednesday because I had just had a stent put in my heart on Monday of that week. 

I arrived back in time to at least enjoy the lunch with all the guys I golfed with all year. When they started to hand out the prizes for the golf tournament for that day I sat back and enjoyed all the prizes that were given out and the friendly kidding going on.

The Last prize is for the the club champion for 2017 who receives a jacket and a trophy. I never even thought about it  all year. To my surprise I was chosen as the new club champion.

Good thing I had decided to go to the luncheon! The Jacket leaves a little to be desired, but I was thrilled to receive it along with the home made trophy which each new winner has to add something to each year. It was a complete surprise and I am very Grateful to have received it.

I am aslo very grateful for a community of people I work with building an on line business, They covered my back for me while I was laid up.

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