Grateful to my unfortunate upbringing

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I am grateful to my unfortunate upbringing today because I truly believe without a doubt that I will not be where I am now (happy and feel blessed) if I was brought up any other way. This article is set out to highlight the positive outcomes of what I regard as an unfortunate upbringing. Check out my other articles to know the background story. I will also invite you to check out our business model and the opportunity to tell your story as well; and not only to benefit others but also get rewarded for it.

Life today

Today, I am happily married with four kids. I am now working from home and in the people development business through sports coaching and business mentoring . My home-based business also provide a proven method for others to leverage their time and effort resulting in more time and money to choose what lifestyle they wish to live.

Obstacles and Opportunities

I used to coach rugby union fulltime professionally and since the 31st of December 2015, someone decided that I am no longer needed after four years at that role. As part of my job then, I had to relocate to my home country without my family for four years. It was tough being away but it had to be done as kids were at school and university still. After spending your time working hard and only to be told that you are no longer needed with a very vague explanation, it was very disheartening.

A similar situation happened to me and my little family when I was playing professional sports for a few years back. Recession hit Asia in late 90's and companies in Japan where I was playing were downsizing. I had to reinvent myself through further studies or learning new skills to get back to a 9 to 5 job.

I know that people development is my calling and I am passionate about it. However, I still have to provide for my family and be able to do it without the limitation of time and money. So, what do you do in these situations, when life throw you a lemon?

Growing up was very tough as I was brought up with nine other cousins. It was about survival of the fittest. In our case it was about the hardest worker and the most resourceful. I was that kid although I was the 5th youngest. Why am I grateful for my unfortunate upbringing? When life threw you a lemon, I was taught (more had to) to see what opportunities hidden behind the lemon and figure out how to maximise it. It's like asking 'What positives can be harnessed from these situations?'