Hanging Out at The Wharf

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It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz so we decided to take a walk, first we went for lunch at the Ideal Bar and Grill right on the beach. Food and service was really great and we enjoyed our time there.

Right next to the restaurant is the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, we decided that it looked interesting and had heard of great places to eat on the wharf so we started walking. We had also heard that there was agreat chocolate shop there also. That really peaked our interest as we both really enjoy chocolate.

The chocolate shop was really great and they actually make chocolates right on site. The place is called Marini's Chocolates and they are excellent. There were about 6 different places to eat or have a drink along the wharf they all looked good.

On the way back on the other side of the wharf we noticed a lady looking at something below so we stopped to find out what she was looking at.

Below us on a part of the wharf structure were about 30 sealions all huddled together enjoying each others company.

They were all snuggled together like big blobs of fat covered with fur.

Every once and a while one or more of them would bark at each other and the odd one would bite another one if they were disturbed from their slumber.

While they were snuggled together it reminded us that everyone including us and everthing needs one another for companionship and a little loving and just being close to someone.

A group of sealions if on land are called a colony, on the ocean they are called a raft and they can live fron 18 to 30 years and some of them are huge.

We all need a little help and companionship and we have found the most awesome community of people that we can count on to help and snuggle with us as we all learn how to build on on line business together. Interested ?

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