how do we interpret success

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I am 59 years old . I have been in business in some way shape or form in the last 40 years. I have been reasonably succesful compared to some and not to others. However when I first started, Multi Level Marketing was my first experience. I moved into sales, at this time as it was the only qualification I had at the time : NONE NEEDED, IE I JUST HARD TO LEARN TO COMMUNICATE. When I started MLM I was introduced to self development, this was a mind set that was just starting to develop in the UK.

  • What do we deem as success
  • Does success just revolve around Business
  • How do we learn and progress
  • Why do we need to self develop


To me success is starting out on a journey in small steps. IE becoming a parent as the 9 months or so of development is occurring we start to learn what to expect, we go to seminars and read books we learn. Why do we do this because we have made a commitment to become a parent. So therefore success starts as a commitment, we commit to becoming a parent , moving to a new home, start a new career, the list is endless. However what ever the chosen field of commitment the outcome we want is success. So therefore success is learning about the committed field of interest. in my view we never fail even if we quit the learning, we still haven't failed we have had some success along the journey of learning , we may find out the career taken is not giving fulfilment so you can change it hey presto success you have just succeeded in finding out that particular field doesn't interest you . So you have had a degree of success.


When you ask the average person what is success they will answer in many ways but usually I have found most will describe success as the age and quality of say their car or the size of their house or fred over-there is successful because he is in business. To me success is about life: family, work, social and spiritual. If an individual  has enough money to get by, their car gets them from A-B, they have a secure job, a loving happy family,good genuine friends, at piece with their god  and this gives them happiness and fulfilment then has that individual succeeded ? to you they may not have because success to you is far more reaching than this persons life. DON'T be judgemental to a persons interpretation of their success. Conclusion you dont have to be in business to be successful, in my mind we need to be balanced.


We learn and progress by trying new experiences, some we will succeed in some we won't, in my humble experience the ones we don't succeed in is because I we don't have an interest or passion in the field of endeavour. We then try something new and hey presto we may not be fully happy but we get comfortable. This was my first mistake. I wanted success in all areas of life but I became comfortable with elements I was practicing because my thoughts were: that to progress any further was out of my control, Or that to progress further was to difficult. If an individual is in this position doesn't complain and just gets on with life , who are we to make a judgment that this is the wrong path to success , in that individuals mind they are succeeding in living and getting by.


My introduction to self development. It was simply put to me that I eat to feed my body, I give food to pets plants etc in order for them to grow and develop. So the question was why am I not feeding my mind. Good point I thought so I  picked up a book called the magic of thinking big. I didn't understand its message as I was the young age of 19, but I kept going, reading more books listening to recordings of successful people and amazing things started to happen I noticed that my work improved,  my relationships with others improved this is what I concluded was success. These early steps helped me on my journey, BUT then I made an error, I concluded I knew all the information I had taken in .  I stopped eating IE stopped feeding my mind. I sold a business when I was 42 and I bought another one that was not succeeding. I turned that business around and the business was succesful. However my life was out of balanced , stressed, angry all the time and short tempered, WHY ? because I had stopped feeding my mind. Conclusion I now feed my mind on a daily basis even if that is just 10 pages a day. Result , I am happy and fulfilled. 

want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you will return for further information.would you please share, comment or contact me and let me know your thoughts.  

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