How helping other people will make a difference in your life as entrepreneur

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How helping others will make a difference as entrepreneur

One of our greatest flaws as humans is our tendency towards selfishness. We always want but are very seldom willing to give. Why should we give when we will most likely receive nothing in return?

Because helping other people will make a difference in your life and business. Not the “Here’s a brand new sports car free of charge” kind of difference, because let's face it, there are very few situations in which that will happen. The kind of difference that goes beyond materialism. The kind that actually matters.

A Little Scenario

Think about the typical “helping the old lady across the street” scenario. Skip ahead to the part where you’re on the other side. You’ve just helped an old woman who, frustratingly for her, can no longer perform the simple act of getting to the other side of a street without help from another person. You’ve taken the time to have a brief conversation with her which not many people want to do now that she is old and slow. It’ll take you a few minutes and won’t make any difference to the course of your day. Yet you have just made an old woman’s journey home a lot easier than it would have been and given her something to smile about for the rest of the day. To the old woman, this will be a story worth telling to those important to her, as she is not used to such kindness from complete strangers.

The old lady has a son, who happens to be very successful in the exact industry in which you are trying to succeed. As he is the person closest to her, he’ll be the first to know the story, and as it meant so much to her every detail will be told. Including your name and where you work which you mentioned in your brief conversation. The son, feeling very grateful to you for taking the time to help his elderly mother when he could not, will want to thank you. This eventually leads to you in a position you’ve been trying to obtain for a very long time, at a better company, with endless opportunities before you to better your career even further. Because, instead of leaving the women stranded due to the fact that you have to get back to your very stressful job to suck up to your boss who makes you miserable in the hopes of receiving a promotion which you have a 10% chance of getting, you took the time to help someone you’ve never met before without a thought of what you’d gain.

As Entrepreneur

Giving without the intention of benefiting from it is very fulfilling. Without intending to, you have benefited in more than one way. Helping people can lead to rewards you’d never imagined and brings about a sense of goodness and purpose, and isn’t purpose what we’re all searching for? Don’t we all want to succeed? Helping other people succeed will reap you rewards unimaginable, as an entrepreneur and in life. My goal in this coming year is to help as many people as I can, if in business or otherwise. If you would like to know more about my business you can click here. I challenge you, see how many people you can help and see how much difference it can bring to your life and business.

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