How To Be What You Are Dreaming Of Before You Have It

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How to make it possible to be what you are dreaming of if you don’t have what you need to have?

Since childhood, you have been trained to have goals and to find out how to be what you are dreaming of. How often didn’t your teacher in school asking all people in the classroom what you would like to be when you grow up?

Police, doctor, astronaut, millionaire….and so on. We were all expanding our dreams into physical things or concrete professions. But is it that easy to be what you are dreaming of?

All those professions and physical stuff are based on something else than your own sincere conviction about the real dreams of your life. As a child, you don’t have any detailed knowledge what the daily tasks are all about in those “glamorous” professions.

When you are growing, then you start to get more knowledge about what it actually takes to reach the constructed dream about the future job. You start to create conditions, excuses and even obstacles to be what you are dreaming of.

Finally, at the age of a younger adult, the childhood dream starts to get its modification.

After some years and with a profession far away from your dream as a child, eventually, you end up with something else. It’s not necessarily something you don't like, but as the whole childhood is built on dreams turned down by insights of what is needed to be what you are dreaming of, the pattern to achieve the goal is made by a route that hardly will take you toward the dream of your childhood.

Be, Do, Have And Be What You Are Dreaming Of

The false excuses about what it really takes to be what you are dreaming of, are frequently dominating the mindset and the project toward the goal often stops before it even starts.

Do phrases like….

“If I only had money….”

“The available time is the roadblock….”

“If I had that experience…”

…seem familiar?


The truth is that most people assume that you need to HAVE something before you can DO what you need to do and to finally BE what you are dreaming of.

The reality and also the easiest way to achieve your goals is to turn around the formula to Be, Do, Have.

BE inspired, passionate, peaceful, loving, or whatever needed for your particular task.

Neither Bill Gates or Steve Jobs had any abundance of money or other resources to get started with their entrepreneurial journey. But they both had a dream, a passion, and a strong inspiration.

Once you know how to be, you need to DO what you have to do. It can be anything from getting the right education or training to build a personal network of people. You are the only one who know what you will need to do.

When all go the right path, eventually you will HAVE what you are searching for. It can be wealthiness, freedom, love or anything else you have in your mind.

To be what you are dreaming of is very much of applying the “BE, DO, HAVE” formula in the correct order.

Appreciation Vs. Recognition

In the environment where I grew up, it was very much about competition every time and everywhere. The words “winning" or "disappearing” were frequently used.

In today’s world, especially with the Internet rapidly taking over all activities, the attitude is becoming different. You don’t need to have a loser at the other end to become a winner. The win-win concept is gaining space in our relationships. This will hopefully give us a more peaceful world, (my personal reflection.)

Recognition you are well aware of, especially when you get one. We all love recognitions. Recognition always relates to performance. You are achieving a good result or something in that way.

Appreciation, however, is something different and doesn't necessarily relate to performance or a specific result.

Watch the following TED-Talk video by Mike Robbins, speaker, author, and former professional baseball player. He emphasizes the importance of focus more on appreciations to achieve a better human interaction.

The appreciation part is something that every successful entrepreneur apply in their daily life, consciously or unconsciously. As you can notice from the video, it’s completely different from recognition.

The appreciation part and to be grateful for what you have, it very much relates to what you want to be. To understand this part will more easily take you to the right route to be what you are dreaming of.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being a better human being, which I believe we all would like to be.

As so many times before, we come down to that a wealthy life isn't about money but something much deeper and long lasting:

It's about freedom in its whole extension. A life where you can do what you love, be grateful for what you have and help other people to achieve the same wealthy life.

A life on your terms!

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