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Hey everyone, In this article, just prepare yourself for the best proving ways and actions that can help you find love. I am a believer of yourself not someone else. 

My name is Steve, a co-founder of Changed Life Freedom, a Gas & Heating Engineer, a father of five kids and a husband. Why am I qualified to tell you a proving ways or actions that will help you find love, friendship or partner? Simply answer; i was before on your shoe; struggled, broken relationship, rejected; never been liked; lack of confident of expression; too shy; very poor; never dressed well; lost in interest; never been trusted; the list is endless.

But today, I can tell you all these questions had answers. Because each individual had his/her problem to deal with, all our problems differs. And unless you find your weakness, you can never find an answer or solutions to it. Maybe, you have read many books on relationship but still be struggling, the truth is yourself need to be trusted. And the hostile environment we lived cannot all the time be blamed, so here is the game.

Are you struggling to have confident in yourself? Firstly, identify the area of confident you need; Appearance; this is where most people fall into, but why do you think that your appearance can stop you not to fulfil your love or to be liked? this is because of the circle of friends you surrounds yourself with; the images you watch on internet or TV. These are manmaid, it is artificials, all fingers are not the same, everyone cannot be rich, everyone cannot wear the same cloth or shoe, everyone cannot jumb on the same height, so therefore people cannot be the same, all have different DNA. So if you can start to believe on yourself and start to talk a bit positive to yourself, it will help you elivate and increase yourself confident and believe. And you can join me here and learn a lifetime skills, improve your confident and generate income as well.

Lack of Trust? Here is base of any relationship, whether it is in business or friendship. Now, it is very hard to trust someone you dont know. But here is the key, remove the negative thinking, create a welcome environment, do not say negative things against your past; avoid negative discussion on your previous enconter or relationship helps you build a trust and honest partnership.

Having you been Broken Hearted before? I can tell you, this is more difficult to deal with or get out of your stream. Here is the game, consider yourself as freed person, lucky person, a new person, loss from boundage, lost a valuable item but will find it again, better or good stuff out ther for you. Listen, until you consider any of these things possible, you can never move forward. Now, do not think negative towards your new era. Avoiding negative thinking towards your new path, helps you moving forward.

Are you naturally shy? This is normally due to upbrings, circle of friends and environment. I can assure you that this can be rectify by my simple method; change little things; try to discuss or open up to unknown person, try meet up group meetings, try going to events on your own, avoid negative discussion at all cost. Avoid staying inside lonely or watching TV alone; read energitic books, positive books; join a new community.

Worried on your outfits? Please note that, this is materials things, it cannot find you real love rather it can create hostile environment or reduce yourself esteem. Looking good in outfit is nice but that should put you off from meeting friends or finding love. Believe that someone want to look like you as you want to look like somone else. This is where most people lost it; be yourself and mantain it helps you to be confident, and develop an honour of dignity. 

Thank you guys for taking your time to read my article, I hope these little words can help you find solution but for more advice, hints and tips follow my articles and subscribe. You can also join Changed Life Freedom to learn a lifetime skills, financial and many more


Steve Ekeh

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