It's the small things that make a difference

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Something occured to me today which showed me me just how much of a difference my digital business has made to my life.

I am like so many people. I don't like going to doctors or doctor related appointments, or any sort of appointment for that matter - because I don't like being made to wait while they mismanage their time.  I understand that emergencies happen, but there are ways to manage such emergencies, like contacting clients and letting them know that there is a delay, or allowing just a few minutes between appointments to create a time bank which can be used to absorb time overruns.

But it doesn't seem like either of these approaches are a revenue generating approach.  Mostly we don't get so much as an acknowledgement of the delay and the impact it may have.

Maybe you get a sense of my frustration.  Maybe you feel it sometimes too.

I needed to have a blood test yesterday.  But wait!  Now this delay becomes productive time for me as I am able to check and take action on my business using my mobile phone as I sit in the air conditioned waiting room.

I find myself feeling grateful for this extra moment of work time because I am about to meet my best friend for lunch and I will be able to stay in that fabulous environment longer as a result.  

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