Kids And Teens - Our Most Important Guests

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Thank God For Children

This should the sentiment for the sake of the care, welfare and well being of all newly born babies .

Once I met a guru who believed that we must regard our children as guests who are here to test our worthiness and authenticity as hosts and benefactors. 

Our kids are our most valuable visitors who will engage and challenge us to be at our best. Our hospitality and conduct are expected to be at the highest level.

For most of us this is really a tall order. Herein lies the breakdown in parent-children relationships.

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Celebrations Galore

When babies come into households there is so much of love and joy and everyone around, in the neighbourhood, in the streets share their exuberance with great gusto.

Excited enthusiasm and merriment abound when these bundles of joy come into our lives.

This great feeling of happiness everywhere must prevail for ever after even if our valued and honoured co-occupants fly the coop.

Everyday is a day to be celebrated for this achievement.

By Insight And Example.

The great challenge for all guardians of our new arrivals is to give boundless love and undivided attentive care to enrich the little precious ones.

As they grow with grace and charm all our efforts should be in tune with their preferences to enable them to make all their choices accordingly.

This keen observation of their likes and dislikes will give us an insight in how best to prepare them for their future education, careers, hobbies and sporting inclinations.

Our example too as far as our influence on them is concerned will be an added benefit for their welfare if it is above reproach.

The Need For Control 

As our lives should be lived unconditionally so should be the love and friendship for our teens.

Obviously there will be no control as our bond will be a pleasant experience of mutual affection and respect.

Thanks For The Memories

As time goes by the gift of this great boon that we so gladly welcomed and carefully nurtured will forever be cherished with the deepest appreciation.

We will look back with great satisfaction with a feeling of awe and admiration for a truly blessed life so sweetly savoured.

Now we have passed parenthood or guardianship scrutiny with high flying colours.

My Singular Mission 

My heart is set on making this life amazing for anyone who dares to explore their creative ingeniousness to the zenith.

To leave no stone unturned will be the road to fulfillment and happiness through deliberate creation.

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