Let's Talk About Fairness: How to treat Others?

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Fairness often has been used with regard to an ability to judge without one's reference to a standard of rightness, fairness often has been used with regard to an ability to judge, without reference to ones feelings of interest.

Fairness has also been used to refer to the ability to make judgments that are overly general but are concrete and specific to a particular case. In any one case a notion of being treated as one deserves is crucial to both justice and fairness.

Fairness in a relationship is about understanding and working towards the needs of the relationship, not just the needs of each person. This is not to say that individual needs are unimportant and should not be disreguarded. In fact, ignored individual needs often lead to resentment, which is very damaging to the relationship.

Fairness is about the flexability that is neccessary to meet everyones needs. Exemplary Business Ethics@Leadership describe it as, Fairness is concerned with actions, processes, and concequences, that are moally right honorable, and equitable. In essence the virtue of fairness establishes moral standards for decisions that affect others. Fair decisions are made in appropriate manner based on appropriate criteria.

Having fairness as a value, people who work and spend time with you, soon starts to understand and appreciate that you are a just and fair person. Having this value in the workplace, it,s easy for your colleagues or your team to improve their own performance and productivity. 

By creating this type of relationship people are more open to practicing something new and maybe even better because they know by having fairness as your value you are a just and fair person appreciating everyones effort regarding anything they are doing.

Research also shows that by growing in fairness and helping others, leads you to a higher well-being so for me its a win win for all parties concerned. Harvard research shows that the number one factor that promotes our happiness and well-being is having good relationships, Being a fair person also has a positive effect on our achievments, whether its proffesional, social, or academic, which helps you become better in all aspects of life, it also allows others to trust you which allows you esily to ask for help from others because the relationships have been built upon a solid foundation. Being Fair also helps our lives with success and happiness something as humans we strive towards.

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