Life An Experience Or A Gift

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Is Life An Experience Or A Gift?


To me, Life is truly an experience and a gift from our Creator! I consider our Life as a reward from our Creator, for those who believe in. So we are obliged to keep our reward with dignity, love and respect to honour our Creator.

My life experiences have always been like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs and risky, but eventually landing safely, contributing to my happiness. The challenges in our lives are never easy to face and overcome, but they make you stronger and resilient. They are learning experiences and opportunities to grow and develop ourselves.

When you are faced with a challenge in life, what do you think? How do you react to it?

It’s so important for us to be aware of our mental focus, the language we use to express ourselves and the physical state we are in. These three factors, which are called the Triad in Human Psychology determines the way we face and overcome our challenges in life.

Whenever you are faced with a challenge, remember to be conscious about what you tell yourselves. Most people say why did this happen to me? Instead reframe your question to what can I learn from this challenging experience? It’s much powerful when you talk and react positively to the challenges in your life. So instead of blocking yourself with disempowering questions, load yourself with empowering questions so you can find solutions to your problems.

Being able to experience your life as a gift from our Creator is crucial to leading a happy and fulfilling life.

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