Mastermind Concept: The Power of the Group

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Mastermind, the one mind formed by the aggregate of all minds of the of the individuals within a group. A secret kept by the wealthy people through the ages that allowed a valuable source of creativity and knowledge.

This unique way of searching divine intelligence can be accessed directly by the sharing and transmission of ideas within a group where knowledge reveals from a live debate between members. Usually, the exemplary members direct the discussion and inspire the less experienced ones.

A mastermind it is, also, formed indirectly by the active reading of a book or listening of an audio or video. The reader, listener or viewer sharpens his thought by a virtual conflict between his belief and the author reasoning absorbing the knowledge.

Important to say that mastermind can be formed at many levels of consciousness. The choice of a group becomes paramount. The fruits of the work of the leaders, of course, are the indicators for a process of selection.

Why it works?

When two or more minds focus on a subject together the resulting mind is always superior to the sum of the parts because of the momentum created by the different perspectives put into the debate (different individuals equals different life experiences). 

The value provided by the role model with his sharing of experiences and know-how allows the less successful people to develop and refine them reasoning. It happens due to the human nature to imitate a leader like a child imitates a father or mother.


·         Mastermind is a mind created of two or more minds focusing together;

·         It can be formed directly (a real group of people) or indirectly (books, audios or videos);

·         It allows a superior reasoning and creativity;

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