My Ideal Day

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As I wake up I feel a gentle breeze from the window falling on my face. It’s a little cold but in a way it’s pleasant. It is pleasant because I smell the fresh air from the forest. I hear the birds sing their morning songs which sound like music to my ears. When my eyes are opened I see the hair of the woman I’m in a relationship with.

I come closer to her and put my arm around her and I gently move towards her in the spooning position. We greet each other and we just cuddle until the border collie busts into our bedroom begging to be walked.

I decide to get up and tell the dog to get the belt, which she does immediately. I put on my morning clothes and grab the frisbee to get ready for some action with the dog. I also grab the bag I prepared for the walk yesterday.

“See you later, witch,” I tell her with a grin on my face.

She smiles back at me and says: “Later wizard!”

As I’m almost walking out of the bedroom I poorly act to fall over her broomstick.

“I’m glad you’re not modernized otherwise my toes would’ve hurt because of the vacuum cleaner,” I tell her.

She sarcastically laughs back and says: “I’ve put a spell on the vacuum cleaner so it changed into a broomstick.”

“Did you put a spell on me too?” I ask her.

“Nope, I don’t put spells on people. But you still drink my tea hehe hehe.” And we both are laughing. I give her a kiss and I go for the door. I look at the dog if she is ready to go. I open the door and I walk out, the dog follows me.

First, we walk to the forest and when we get to the entrance, I take my shoes and socks off and we start running for 15 minutes. After the run, we drink some water and we start playing with the frisbee in an open field. We do that for 10 minutes and then we will play another game. A game where the dog needs to use the nose. I hide 3 items in the wood and she will have to find them. She stays in one place and I will have to do a small run to hide the items. When I come back we play for another 5 more minutes with the frisbee and then she’s going for the search, of course, I’m running with her. When she has gathered all three items we go back home.

The dog goes to her basket and rest a bit from the walk and run. I take a small shower and then I prepare for a yoga session that I will have with her. We are doing the yoga individually but we are training for acro yoga session for the next day. After yoga, it’s time for me to take a breathing exercise combined with a meditation and a cold shower afterward.

When I get back from the shower, a vegan breakfast is waiting for me. Then it is time to brush my teeth and I’m ready for my hobbies.

The first hobby is to read a book and then make a summary of what I just learned. These insights from the books I read do me really good, they inspire me to share the knowledge and wisdom I gained. And I do not only gain wisdom from the books, but also from the experience.

I shoot a video of the thing I want to share at that moment. After shooting the video it is time to share it on social media.

The next hobby is to mastermind with others. I get to the call we planned online and the five of us appear together and we just talk inspiring things and we lift each other up. From the call, I gain a lot of energy. But it is time to take a break.

Tea is what we drink in the garden. We are sitting as we also our meditation and we sit right across from each other. We look into each other’s eyes and we don’t talk. We smile and giggle a bit. The tea is next to us on a small table and we start drinking it after it has cooled down. We just sit there in the grass and really enjoying the moment. The sun is shining and the temperature is just right to sit in shorts and a t-shirt. I feel a small wind but the wind is just strong enough to make her hair dance which creates a very beautiful moment of her. I find this moment extraordinary.

We share our thoughts and feelings with each other while we drink our tea. We really enjoy spending time together by just being together. We lay down in the grass and we still look in each other’s eyes. We take the moment and we express our gratitude.

We do realize we have both some work to do. So we go to our workplace which has a view of the garden. We both have our desks and the room is filled with books and plants. The work that has to be done doesn’t cost a lot of effort but the consistency is required. Whatever I need to do, it’s aligned with my vision:

“A world full of people who will boldly take their responsibility, by not only growing as a person but as a culture of understanding, to lead a life of freedom by believing in themselves and use their discipline to take the opportunities out of all the possibilities, and adapt where is needed, to have a happy, authentic and healthy life of fulfillment.”

When it’s time for lunch we both prepare a salad with fried shrimps. We have our lunch in the garden as well because the weather is just great. we do our dishes after we are finished eating. We do this by hand and we splash and play around with the soap and water. Then it’s time for me to walk the dog again.

But we decide to go with the three of us and we have a walk next to the river. Fortunately, it’s not a tourist attraction and we are able to find peace and rest there as well. We brought some water and fruit and also something to eat for the dog. We are spending almost the whole afternoon there.

We go home to bring the dog back and we go out for dinner in a restaurant with friends. The friends are two other couples who we get along great with. The atmosphere in the restaurant is great and the people on the other tables are having a good time too. The waiters and chefs are in love with their jobs and that result is seen by us because it’s a really great evening. We leave them a tip of 25%.

As both of us arrive home, I will take the dog for a small walk. When I get back home I take the shower which is free for after she just used it. After the shower, I sit down on the couch to write in my journal.

I drop my pen on the floor because I’m amazed by what I see. She’s standing in lingerie asking me to come to bed. Well, the activities that happen there are:

1. none of your business

2. its part of her ideal day.

But I make sure we fall asleep in the spooning position.

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